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Moving house causes huge changes in our lives. It is a well-planned and laborious step. As a result, we spend precious moments in new homes. But unpredictable things may occur and affect our everyday lives. Still, Golan’s Moving and Storage is there to help you even is such instances. That’s why we created this guide to safely relocating during a pandemic, which you can use during these hard times of the coronavirus. Here are the most important tips on how to stay safe in such situations. 

Is moving during the coronavirus pandemic feasible?

The answer to this question is yes for now. Lots of services are still available, at least in Chicago and the surroundings. Although a large number of businesses are halted by Illinois’ stay-at-home order, relocation agencies are allowed to continue operating. Most moving inventory transportation and packing services Chicago has are available. Generally speaking, you don’t have to worry about cancellations or frauds by movers. But you never know. So our advice is to double-check everything with movers before the moving day. 

How can I check it?

If you have already scheduled a mover for a day that is due soon, you can suppose that it will be done accordingly. However, since it’s much up to a business to decide whether they are working or not, we suggest you call them to get a confirmation. The only changes, for now, affect the behavior of movers, who will apply all measures for you to move safely during the COVID-19 outbreak and crisis. They will wash their hands more often, avoid close contact with you, and keep a safe distance from you. 

Chicago bean and empty square
Although quarantine is recommended and the streets should be empty, you can move house in Chicago.

If you haven’t hired any moving agency yet, it is very hard to say whether they will or won’t be available in the following months. The situation with this infectious disease is changing on a daily basis.  It is unlikely that moving during the coronavirus pandemic will be forbidden. But be careful! You ought to do serious research on all open agencies and make up your mind. 

Moving during the coronavirus pandemic isn’t a must

Needless to say, you shouldn’t be relocating unless you have to. If your New Year’s resolution was moving house, then this is the right time for ignoring it. You can fulfill other decisions,  such as losing weight, reading more books, watching all cult movies, learning how to cook, learning a new foreign language, etc. 

Safely relocating during a pandemic — mover tips

Speaking of movers and relocating agencies, they can take numerous precautionary steps. In order to make the action of moving during the coronavirus pandemic much safer, they can apply the following preventive measures:

  • provide virtual estimates using video technology, rather than on-site surveys
  • instead of handshaking, greet customers with a kind word or elbow bump
  • wash hands more frequently than ever
  • utilize gloves and hand sanitizers
  • keep a distance of at least 6 feet from your customers
  • disinfect your offices, buildings, warehouses, and inventory more often
  • set up other rules for safely relocating during a pandemic like this
  • respect governmental guidelines and orders 
A 6-feet distance between two people
Social distancing applies to you and your movers. Keep a six-feet distance!

Safely relocating during a pandemic — customer tips

Once you check with your movers if they are working and you get their confirmation, you should start preparing for the moving day. For the purpose of safe relocation, the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) has published information about how to move safely during the COVID-19 outbreak both for companies and for customers. Make sure to respect all the rules and recommendations. 

How to move safely during the COVID-19 outbreak?

  1. If you want to cancel your move, search for all the details regarding it. The policies for safely relocating during a pandemic might be different from the regular ones. Ask your moving agency, dig deep on their website, and always double-check.
  2. Buy new moving boxes. Do not use recycled boxes as coronavirus can survive and live on cardboard. Also, avoid free moving boxes. 
  3. Pack your belongings safely. Put them into sealable bags and boxes. While packing and unpacking, use gloves. Throw away all the material used after you move in.
  4. Welcome your moving crew to a clean place. Before they arrive, hire professional cleaners or do the cleaning by yourself. Allow fresh air by keeping the door and windows open. 
  5. Provide your moving crew with hygienic resources. Let them pass to the sink and make sure to leave soap, paper towels, and hand sanitizer. 
  6. Mind your own hygiene. Wash hands regularly, apply hand sanitizer, wear gloves and masks. 
  7. Avoid physical contact with the movers. If you want to greet them, tell them some nice words, or make use of the abovementioned elbow bump. 
  8. Keep a reasonable physical distance from them. It is recommended that you should be at least 6 feet away from another person. 
  9. Make refundable bookings of flights or hotel rooms. If you are moving to a place that is far away, you will need some on-the-road accommodation. Or you will have to fly. Make sure you have your money back in case of any cancellations.
  10. Tell the movers if you or your family members have coronavirus symptoms. They will take the necessary steps to relocate you in accordance with the protocols. 
Measures for safely relocating during a pandemic include washing hands
Hygiene is essential during a pandemic. Soap and sanitizer are a must.

Final thoughts on safely relocating during a pandemic

As you probably know very well, it is of utmost importance to stay calm and responsible in a situation like this. It’s not like moving house during a blizzard or other natural disasters. At this war,  you can’t see your enemy. If you really need to move, make sure all measures for safely relocating during a pandemic are taken and respected. If you stay safe, you will probably save other lives as well. 

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