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Regardless if you want more space for your growing business or more exposure to customers, a new location is just what your pub needs. Has the place become so popular that you need more room to house the satisfied patrons? Or perhaps it isn’t doing so well and you want a fresh start? Whatever the case is, the bottom line is, you have to move to a new location. This brings a whole new task in front of you, and that is relocating your pub. This is a big step, so you have a lot of things to consider. For example, if your bar has a billiard table, you want to consider hiring pool table movers Chicago. This, however, is just one of many steps ahead of you.

Don’t worry, there is an easy way

Luckily, we have prepared a guide that will help you along the way. To ensure that everything goes smoothly, there are many logistic factors you need to keep in mind. From choosing a new location to organizing the move itself. Most importantly, you need to be efficient. The sooner you set everything up, the sooner your business can start working again. There is quite a long way ahead of you, so you need to be prepared. Follow these guidelines to make sure moving your pub goes as cost-efficient and stress-free as possible.

people sitting in a pub
Relocating a pub is no easy task and requires extensive planning

The first step in relocating your pub is choosing the right location

This is the first and easily the most important step on your journey to relocate your beloved business. A new location will provide you with everything the old one couldn’t give you, so you need to research this thoroughly. Once you pick the location that fits your needs the best, you can contact furniture movers Chicago and start packing your inventory. One of the key factors to keep in mind is the area to which you want to move, as well as the population base within it. In addition, if you want plenty of customers, the area should have high levels of traffic. But don’t forget your current, loyal clients.

person playing pool
If your pub has a pool table, you should consider hiring specialized movers for this task

Moving to the other side of the city, or even an entirely new town, may cost you a lot of regular customers. However, if your plan is to target an entirely new market, this is acceptable. Added factors that can contribute to the success of your business are visibility and accessibility. If your new place is visible from the main road and can be reached easily, it makes sense that you will have plenty of customers. Lastly, you should check if your current providers and vendors cover the area you want to move to. If they don’t you’ll have to do some more research and weigh out your options.

Plan the right time for your move, and don’t do everything last minute

Relocating your pub isn’t as simple as just packing everything into a truck and setting off. You have to plan the right time to move, and that depends on a lot of factors. Your choice might be to move on a weekend so there’s less traffic to deal with. Alternatively, you can move during the week, so your opening day can be on a weekend. When it comes to the question of what time of the year to move in, you’re presented with several options yet again. One way to go is to move during the winter when pub attendance slows down, so you can prepare everything in time for the summer season. Ultimately, the decision depends entirely on you, and what works best for your business.

laptop and a list for relocating your pub
Make a detailed list of your entire pub inventory before moving

Given that moving your livelihood is a complex task, you want to avoid making costly mistakes and doing everything last minute. If you know that you’re going to move a few months in advance, you have plenty of time to slowly start planning. Planning months in advance gives you the opportunity to obtain new furniture and decorations for the new pub. In most cases, new locations are larger, which demands a larger seating capacity, and more furnishing. This is also a great time to let your customers know about the move early on. Print out flyers or announce the information about the move on your social media. You should also inform your current business partners and suppliers about the upcoming move, so they know what to do in advance. Start informing your banks, service providers, or any newsletters you’re subscribed to about the future address change as well.

Hire professional movers for the task

You have most likely already learned how important it is to work hard and cut costs in order for your business to profit. However, when it comes to relocating your pub, you should never cut costs. You’re working with delicate equipment, appliances, and dishes, worth thousands of dollars in investments. Because of this, you need the absolute best when it comes to hiring a moving company. Your tables and chairs also need to be in pristine condition after the move. More importantly, both the packing and moving operations need to be organized and systematic.

beige moving truck parked on the street
With the help of reliable Chicago movers, your pub will be up and running faster than ever

With the help of professional packers, all your dishes, glasses, and sensitive bar equipment will be packed properly and protected from any damage. When you rely on the help of skilled movers, you can focus your attention on operating your pub in times of turmoil. Coordinating your employees and preparing the new space will go much easier knowing that your items are safe. Before the relocation, your moving company should do a tour of both the old and the new place. This will give you the most accurate moving estimate, and help you plan your budget in advance.

Celebrate relocating your pub with an opening event

After the renovation is done, and everything is in place, why not celebrate the occasion with the world? Host an opening event that will let everyone know that you’re back in business. Print out flyers informing the locals about the happening, and send out personal invitations to your old customers. When it comes to the type of event, it is entirely up to you and your bar’s theme. It can be a cocktail party, a wine night, or a certain holiday theme event, the choice is yours. Just keep in mind that it should appeal to your target audience. If you consider all of the factors above and plan everything carefully, relocating your pub will be a breeze. Best of luck in your future successes!

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