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The first association to the word Illinois is Chicago. Indeed, there are many beautiful and interesting places to explore in that state. If you want to move house in Illinois, you should definitely consider relocating to Glenview, IL, a place northwest of Chicago. And before you hire some Glenview movers, make sure to draw up a comprehensive plan. This guide will help you organize the move and get a better insight into Glenview. 

Create a plan for relocating to Glenview, IL

The first thing to know, no matter where you are relocating, is that a carefully devised plan is a must. If you want to move to Glenview, IL, you should decide on every step that is necessary. This is especially important when deciding which of the moving services Chicago can offer fits you best. Don’t leave anything to chance! There are two reasons not to rely on chance. It can cost you time and money.

A hand writing a plan in a notebook.
In order to move house, you need a precise plan.

A meticulous plan consists of the following:

  • exploring the place and finding a new home
  • searching for and hiring a moving company
  • making a moving inventory list
  • a step-by-step description of the process of relocating to Glenview, IL
  • after-the-move steps

Before moving to Glenview, IL

Once you set up your goals and allocate a certain amount of money, you should proceed with moving preparations. It is high time your ideas left the paper and turned into reality. Prior to the very act of moving to Glenview, IL, there are three things to do. Without them, your relocation might easily turn out to be a nightmare. 

Glenview for beginners

As we have already pointed out, it is really important to learn some basics about this place and its neighborhoods. Before you move to Glenview, IL, remember the following top ten facts:

  1. It is situated only 15 miles northwest of the Chicago downtown area.
  2. Glenview spreads on a 14-mile area in Cook County.
  3. It was founded in the 1830s by European pioneers.
  4. It had been called South Northfield and Oak Glen before it got the name Glenview. 
  5. The village population counts nearly 45,000 citizens.
  6. As of the last U.S. census, the per capita income was $52,161.
  7. That number is much higher than the per capita income in Cook and Illinois. 
  8. The median home value is more than $550,000.
  9. There are numerous elementary and high schools with high ratings.
  10. The crime rate is much lower than the national average. 

If you are thinking of moving to Glenview, you should know that most houses are owner-occupied. Therefore, the best idea is to buy a house in one of its calm neighborhoods. Whether you are a retiree or an employee, either single or with family, it is not important. Everyone can enjoy this place. 

Finding a mover for relocating to Glenview, IL

Unless you want to move by yourself, you will have to hire a moving company. However, finding the perfect one is not so easy. There are a lot of scam artists who will do everything to deceive their customers and make them pay through their nose. In order to avoid it while moving to Glenview, IL, you must open your eyes widely. Pay attention to every detail about the costs, since there are many ways in which moving rates vary to a large extent. The price may depend on various factors, such as the mileage, time spent, volume of items, etc.

Making a moving inventory list and packing

Whether you are going to pack by yourself or pay for packing services, you ought to draw up a moving inventory list. It includes all the items you are going to move when relocating to Glenview, IL. This step is significant as it will help you not to lose track. To illustrate, with such a list, you will know exactly which box your socks are in. 

A gilr sitting next to her moving boxes and holding a laptop.
A moving inventory list can save time so you won’t end up in a disorganized pile.

If you want to pack alone, without the help of the hired moving company, you will have to find some things like boxes, bubble wrap, etc. These supplies you need for relocation should be of decent quality. Certainly, you wouldn’t like to risk damaging your possessions. Also, disassemble as many items of furniture as you can. In such a way, you will get more space in the moving truck. 

During the move to Glenview, IL

This step will be easy for you if you hire a moving company. You will have your belongings transported safely by the movers. Well, providing they are not the rogue ones. Your only task during the very act of moving to Glenview, IL is to monitor the process. However, in case you are a self-mover, make sure you have some company and drive safely. 

After relocating to Glenview, IL

Once you move to your new home and unpack the boxes, it is time to organize your life. Three things are essential here:

  • finding a job
  • meeting new people
  • exploring the village
A couple cycling after relocating to Glenview, IL
Glenview authorities encourage cycling as a way of getting around the place. It’s a good way to explore the village as well.

We strongly recommend that you find a job before arriving in Glenview. Thus, you will make sure you have earnings from the beginning. In case you wish to start your own business in Glenview, make sure you consult relevant bodies and get all licenses and permits. If work in Chicago, commuting won’t be a problem as the village is very close to it. 

Furthermore, you should meet some residents of Glenview. Start with your business colleagues and neighbors. They can help you with everything — from finding a good supermarket to choosing where to go for a coffee. 

Finally, enjoy some time exploring the village. Ask people or read brochures about where to go and what to see. After relocating to Glenview, IL, be aware that the whole new life has just begun. There are numerous things to do in Glenview, so don’t miss any.

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