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Moving an office does not seem nearly as difficult as moving house. Once you start making plans for the relocation of your office, you will see that it isn’t easy at all. Fortunately, with the support of a reputable Chicago moving and storage agency, you will be able to move without problems. The most demanding task is safely relocating IT equipment. All those wires, flat screens, batteries, etc. are confusing and can cause a complete mess. How do you avoid that chaos? What steps do you need to take in that case? 

Create a plan for relocating IT equipment

Drawing up a feasible plan is crucial to any relocation. First, you have to inspect everything carefully and decide how much time and people you need. Then, if you don’t feel like moving computer equipment by yourself, you can hire some Chicago office movers to assist you. They have a large number of professionals who will pack and transport all stuff safely.

Colleagues at work discussing how to deal with relocating IT equipment.
Have a good team that will come up with a good plan and set the ultimate goals about the relocation.

An efficient plan has to deal with every single detail. All steps should be planned well-ahead. You can consider the following stages:

  1. Make an inventory list and take photos.
  2. Back up the data. 
  3. Remove cables and loose parts.
  4. Clean every item before moving hi-tech equipment.
  5. Fasten cables and don’t mix up parts of different devices.
  6. Use the original packaging or get proper packing supplies. 
  7. Don’t be lazy. Label all bags and boxes. 
  8. Be careful when choosing storage.

Before disconnecting and unplugging

One of the worst things that can happen after the move is being unable to set up your devices. In order to prevent it, you should make an inventory list. That list consists of the names of all devices, their loose parts, and all other necessary details. Besides, we recommend that you take photos of them. Thus you will have your own instruction manuals that you can use after relocating IT equipment and unpacking it. You will be able just to look at the pictures and easily set up your computers and gadgets.

A computer with equipment
Unplug and detach all computer parts. Do not pack them together in the same boxes.

A much worse nightmare can happen if you lose all the data collected. If you don’t save them before moving hi-tech equipment, you risk not getting them back. That’s why you should make sure to retain your data by doing the back-up. You don’t need movers or professionals. Your employees and colleagues can manage it. If you have IT experts, the back-up will be a piece of cake for them

Clean before moving computer equipment

Having marked all items on the list and saved the data, you are ready to empty and unplug your electronic devices. Take out all CDs, USB drives, etc. But before moving hi-tech equipment, it is very important to clean every part. To be honest, a large amount of dust must be lying there on the cables behind and under the desks. 

Why is it important to clean them? Firstly, if you are going to keep them in storage for some time, that dust and dirt can cause damages to the devices. Secondly, you don’t want to bring the old filth into the new workspace. 

When you are done with cleaning, be careful not to mix up the cables, batteries, and other small things. The best way for relocating IT equipment is to fasten the cables of one device together. Also, put all tiny parts together in small boxes or bags. Make sure to mark them or attach tags. Finally, refer to your moving inventory list and add as many details about the labels as you can. 

Packing for safely relocating IT equipment

In case you still have the original packing boxes of all devices, use them for packing. They are beneficial for moving hi-tech equipment because only they can provide the perfect space. You don’t have to worry about finding some boxes and bags with the sizes that will fit the devices. 

Colleagues packing
While packing hi-tech equipment, make sure you have good packing supplies.

Otherwise, you will have to shop around and buy really good packing materials. Some necessary supplies may include:

  • cardboard boxes and sealable plastic bags
  • moving blankets, packing paper, and bubble wrap
  • Styrofoam and packing peanuts
  • PVC tape and scissors
  • markers, tags, and sticky notes

Screens are the most sensitive parts of electronic devices. Therefore, while relocating IT equipment, you must take all preventive measures. Do not use newspapers for wrapping because they are highly likely to leave newsprint and damage screens. If you are still not sure about packing a flat-screen TV or computer screen, then seek some professional help. Most movers offer packing and unpacking services for reasonable prices. 

Don’t forget about labeling. It is useful to have a piece of paper in every box with all the information about what is inside. Mark the boxes with markers or tags. Update your inventory list with all details that you find useful. If the movers lose or damage anything while they are moving computer equipment, customers can easily spot what is missing. And the list will also be important for insurance. 

Choose good storage while relocating IT equipment

Safely moving computer equipment also means that the movers and storage have to be reputable. Check the reviews on the Better Business Bureau website when choosing one. Also, when moving computer equipment, pay attention to in-storage conditions. The storage ought to be climate-controlled, well maintained, and with a high level of security. Needless to say, moisture and damp are not acceptable. 

Final tips on moving high-tech equipment

All these steps require an eye for details and good organization skills. If you don’t have so much time to do everything, think about ways of making your office relocation go faster, but safely at the same time. Good results stem from carefully made plans. While relocating IT equipment, extra caution is necessary. Don’t forget about that, and you won’t experience many issued. 

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