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Everyone will tell you about the importance of reading up on the moving company before signing up with them. This is a natural thing to do. There are a lot of movers offering services, but only a handful are really reliable Chicago area movers. This is why you need to find a way to differentiate between the good and the bad ones. One of the best ways to do this is by reading moving reviews. However, in recent times, fraudulent moving companies have devised ways to game the review system and score much, much better. This is why in this article, we give you a simple guide to recognizing fake moving reviews. This way, you will be able to figure out which company is worth working with – and which one isn’t!

Understanding the importance of moving reviews

First, we need to understand just how important moving reviews are. After all, can you figure out that a moving company you are looking into is bad in a different way? And after all, if the system of moving reviews can be played, why is it even in use?

a man looking though a telescope
Look better at reviews to recognize fake ones.

Well, that is exactly the reason why moving reviews are important. If this weren’t the case, fraudulent movers wouldn’t try to game it, right? Instead, reviews are easy enough to access. They are the first line of information people seek when looking into long distance movers Chicago. So, tempering with them becomes a priority. However, there are a lot more, less obvious, reasons for this.

The main reason people even invented review (other than actually sharing their experience) is to gather data on a product or service. In our case, you can see just how many people had positive experiences with a moving company in their scoring system. Similarly, bad movers will have a prevailing number of bad reviews. There is a trend to notice here, though. Maybe the movers started changing for the better and it will show in their reviews!

Another huge help that moving reviews provide is that they describe moving services on offer. Use them not only to learn about the experiences people have with the company, but also with how you can use a company for your benefit. There is much more you can learn from the reviews, as well, but these are the main things!

Recognizing fake moving reviews through too much praise

One of the staples of fake moving reviews is just how much praise they put there. So, when you are reading through the reviews, try to look at it from your own point of view. Read a review carefully and then stop to think. Would you ever write such a review, no matter how positive the moving experience has been?

happy face amongst sad ones
Is a review too cheerful?

A lot of people get money to write fake moving reviews that sing praise and talk about how perfect the company and their experience were. But this should only raise up a red flag for you. No matter how good a company is, nobody would write an excessive review. Well, there might be a few exceptions here and there, of course, but if it is a trend within the review section, then you should know you are looking at a moving scam.

Above everything else, moving reviews need to be realistic. They should be genuine and reflect the moving experience as a whole. Just because the move was a net positive experience, there is always something you know they can improve. If you do not mention it in the review, then what’s the point of it, other than boosting your moving company’s reputation. These are the reviews you want to avoid – and do not want to trust!

The same can apply to the awful reviews

Something similar can happen on the other way of the spectrum, too. When recognizing fake moving reviews, you might not only run into those trying to boost a company up. Instead, there are those who try to drag their competition down. Sometimes, people will get paid to drug a company through the mud. They state that the movers were super late and non-responsive. Maybe they were rude or impolite, inefficient and unreliable. Whatever the cause may be, they slam the review section with one-star entries to lower a company’s rating.

a man pointing at a 1-star review
Think about why someone is pointing a finger at the company.

You should pay attention to these reviews and consider them in the same way you did the previous ones. However, these will require a little bit more of an exploration. If there are a few reviews that talk about how bad the company was, while so many other 3- or 4-star reviews telling a different story, you will know something is fishy.

You will get the best information, though, if a company responded to these. This is where you can dig deeper into the story. Read up to discover whether this is an issue they addressed or just a fake complaint that they are aware of.

Details can help you in recognizing fake moving reviews

Finally, if you want to find fake moving reviews, then you might need to look into details. There are two things that can set these apart from other moving reviews. The first is if the review is just way too vague. If a Yelp review has one star mentioning a service, but nothing much about why it was bad, it should be suspicious to you. The same can apply to the 5-star reviews. Ask yourself why did they deserve that grade?

The same applies to those that have way too many details. Maybe they are trying to stop you from recognizing fake moving reviews by drowning you in the information. Think critically when reading reviews, and you will find the right company in no time.

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