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Numerous places surround Chicago. But one of them is especially calm and beautiful. If you are thinking of moving to Morton Grove IL, you won’t regret it at all. Your main task is to choose some top movers Morton Grove IL can offer and let them guide you. Unless you are going to relocate by yourself, you won’t experience a large number of difficulties. It is essential to collect sufficient and relevant information about the move. Everything will be finished in a day or two, so you won’t have to wait long to indulge in the magnificent village.

How to prepare for moving to Morton Grove IL?

First of all, prepare the furniture and other belongings you are going to move. Draw up a plan of what you are going to take to your new home. Be careful and keep an eye open for details because your old stuff might not fit the new apartment or house. While relocating to Morton Grove, make sure to hire some reputable furniture movers Chicago and the surrounding areas encompass. They can even help you pack and unpack if you request such a service. 

A woman looking at the mirror
Make sure to pack all fragile items, such as mirrors, in a safe way.

Provided that you are going to pack by yourself, ensure that everything is packed well and safely. Lots of damages might happen during transport. Some general packing tips include the following:

  • Use quality moving boxes and packing supplies.
  • Don’t pack easy-to-break items together.
  • Label every package or bag when moving to Morton Grove IL.
  • Make a moving inventory list or checklist to keep track of the progress.
  • Even if you are going to have the stuff packed by the movers, monitor the process.

Relocating to Morton Grove IL with kids

Living in a small town or village is always beneficial for children and their development. Therefore, a move to Morton Grove IL can turn out to be a smart choice. Families with babies might experience certain difficulties with packing a nursery and transporting it. But there is nothing too difficult when one makes a comprehensive plan. 

A boy playing in a park
Kids love playing at parks in Morton Grove. They feel happy and safe there.

Why is this place good for kids? Firstly, it is quiet and spacious, unlike Chicago and other metropolises. After relocating to Morton Grove, you and your family might feel more connected and safer. Secondly, schools are not far from houses. They are divided into seven districts. Thirdly, children can enjoy plenty of parks, playgrounds, and special events.

Living in this village

Most residents of this place have their own properties. For that reason, you should think about buying a house there. If you are relocating to Morton Grove IL and wish to buy a real estate, we recommend that you pay attention to the tips for avoiding real estate scams and beware of all the risks.  The median home value is between $280,000 and $310,000, which exceeds the national value. The median rent is between $1,500 and $1,800, which is again higher than the national one. 

And how safe is life in Morton Grove IL? According to statistics, it is really safe. The crime rates are far lower than the national figures. If you want to move to Morton Grove IL and buy a house there, you must take all the necessary steps to secure it against burglaries. We are saying that since thieves and burglars are the most common types of criminals in this village.

Employment opportunities for those moving to Morton Grove IL

There is an abundance of opportunities for the development of small businesses. Moreover, its proximity to commercial roads, railways, and Chicago contributes to the spreading of larger commercial and industrial companies. There are numerous retailers and manufacturers dealing with dairy products, automobile parts, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, etc. 

What is more, people aiming at corporate giants can easily commute to Chicago. At the moment, many businessmen and businesswomen are moving to Morton Grove IL to find some peace and quiet. But they still keep working in Chicago, which is about 17 miles far from the village. They either drive their cars or go by bus and train. Is there anything more relaxing than arriving at a calm place after a busy working day and Chicago’s rush? 

Let the village entertain you

Do you worry that living in a small town or village might be too boring? Well, when you move to Morton Grove IL, you will realize that there is nothing to worry about. There are lots of restaurants and bars. You can find almost all the famous cuisines, such as Asian, Mexican, American, Italian, etc.  

Four women sitting in a bar and drinking
Morton Grove has lots of bars where people have fun with their friends. Having a drink in a local bar after a busy day is a perfect way to relieve stress.

Its numerous parks are great places for relaxation and recreation. After relocating to Morton Grove IL, you should check what park activities are offered and try some of them. They include state-of-the-art features and offer high-quality entertainment. Events are organized for both children and adults. Senior citizens are not neglected and they adore this village too. Finally, you mustn’t skip the famous Bike Tour of Historic Morton Grove. 

Fun facts to know before moving to Morton Grove IL

  1. This village belongs to Cook County, Illinois. 
  2. The population exceeds 23,000 people. 
  3. It’s multicultural with one of the largest Asian communities on the North Shore.
  4. Morton Grove is named after Levi Parsons Morton, the former U.S. Vice President.
  5. This village was home to one of the largest floral firms in the period around 1900.
  6. It was the first in the USA to pass a handgun ban, which lasted from 1981 to 2008. 
  7. The North Branch of the Chicago River flows through the middle of the village. 
  8. If you are moving to Morton Grove IL, know that only 8% of households are for rent.
  9. The median income per household is higher than $72,000
  10. Morton Grove is dog-friendly, and its parks have special pet waste stations and bags. 

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