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After all, we have come to a very difficult question. But don’t worry! It’s not anything that can’t be solved. For example, if you are relocating from Skokie to Chicago and you are thinking of moving guns and ammo, you will need to check for many things. You have to find a moving company, and then maybe one of the storage units Skokie can offer. There are many restrictions and many rules that must be taken into account. Besides, safety measures must come to the forefront. 

Pack and move guns and ammo safely

Make sure that all the firearms are unloaded. You can also use trigger locks as an additional safety measure. Pack them in hard cases. Or if you don’t have such cases, find some quality packing supplies Chicago movers can sell or rent. Dismantling before moving firearms and ammunition is also possible in some cases. However, doing so requires a lot of knowledge and experience. In case you are not sure how to do it right, consult some professionals. They can help or even do everything instead of you. 

A gun in its case
Keep your gun in the original case. That is the safest packaging.

Prepare necessary documents for moving guns and ammo

As an owner of a gun, you must have valid documentation. If you want to move house and also move guns and ammo, then pack all compulsory permits and registrations. In order to move to another state, you might need additional paperwork. Check those things with your lawyer or inquire about them in local institutions. 

Explore state laws on moving firearms and ammunition

It is of utmost importance to check all the applicable laws and regulations before going on to move guns and ammo from one state to another. Also, that step is necessary even if you are relocating locally. Some states treat all guns equally, but somewhere there are differences. For instance, certain states are stricter with handguns than with long guns. Certainly, you wouldn’t like any negative experience in the state you are passing through or to which you are relocating. 

Do research on federal laws regarding those issues

There are a couple of laws and regulations at the federal level that protect gun owners who participate in moving firearms and ammunition. For example, Federal Peaceable Journey laws and the Firearms Owners’ Protection Act (FOPA) protect firearms owners while they are transporting such items. It is crucial to know that guns must be unloaded, packed safely in locked containers, and out of reach. Thus, people usually put them in their trunks. Ammunition, likewise, is to be stored in separate cases. 

Nevertheless, the National Rifle Association prohibits the following persons to transport firearms:

  • convicted and suspected felons
  • adjudicated persons with mental problems 
  • illegal drug consumers
  • dishonorably discharged veterans 
  • persons who have renounced U.S. citizenship 
  • justice fugitives 
  • those convicted of and subject to crimes of domestic violence
Keep your ammo safely packed as it is extremely flammable.

Furthermore, these are not the only restrictions. You mustn’t undermine the significance of local and state laws. Therefore, this gun transportation act doesn’t necessarily save you from getting arrested. To illustrate, in New York, police can arrest you for moving guns and ammo due to the strict state laws. However, the FOPA serves only as an affirmative defense, which means it is applied after the arrest. 

Check the movers’ rules on moving guns and ammo

In case you are not going to move house by yourself, you have to hire a moving company. In order to move guns and ammo, inform your movers. Most reputable licensed movers offer gun moving services. Even though they can agree on transporting your guns, they can’t do that with ammo. Namely, the law prohibits such a service since ammunition is susceptible to high temperatures. That can result in explosions and similar disasters. 

It is also necessary to inform the moving company about the fact that you want to transport a gun. Although you might be paying extra for moving services, such as this one, you mustn’t lie to them and keep it secret. They need to have it in their records. What is more important, they know which package to handle with extra caution. 

Moving firearms and ammunition by planes

Are you going to transport you belonging to your new place of living by air? Then, check with the airline if firearms and ammunition are allowed. In most cases, it is feasible under the following strict conditions:

  • Carrying and moving guns and ammo is forbidden within your carry-on luggage.
  • Ammo must not exceed .75 caliber.
  • It must be in original packaging or hard-sided cases made from metal, wood, or fiber. 
  • In most airlines, the weight of ammunition can’t exceed 11 pounds. 
  • Firearms and ammo must never be in the same checked-in baggage. 
Getting ready for moving guns and ammo
It is essential to keep guns and ammo separately. You must not pack them together. That being said, unload your gun too.

Moving guns and ammo to storage

Sometimes, people need to rent storage space for their belongings. If you really find storing necessary while moving firearms and ammunition, then make sure you check the storage rules. Avoid common storage mistakes and stay informed. There may also be some special warehouses for keeping guns and ammunition safe. 

Furthermore, the storage unit that you rent must be temperature-controlled. Humidity can damage ammunition, whereas high temperatures can cause fire and explosion. This is extremely tricky, so think twice before storing such items. 

Let’s sum everything up

All in all, this is not so difficult or impossible task. You just need to be patient and cautious. While moving guns and ammo, check all the rules, laws, and regulations. Keep all the documentation with yourself. Remember that safety comes first. For that reason, if you are unsure about packing such items, ask someone who knows about it for help. Do not try to hide a gun or ammo from your moving company or even hide it from the police. Otherwise, you may end up with serious offenses and problems with the law. 

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