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If you are preparing to move your whole office, you want as little disruption as possible during the move. Proper planning and good preparation are key for a smooth move with little to no problems. Organizing a corporate relocation is no easy task, that is for sure, but sometimes it is a must. As the economy goes through changes, the companies must follow. Sometimes, staying in one city or state is just not an option, seeing as people always shift. The good thing is, Chicago office movers are there to make things easier. Customers are always on the move, and companies have to follow these moves in order to stay ahead. For this reason, corporate moving is increasing and becoming more important.

Before organizing a corporate relocation, check your current situation

Before you start packing everything, you need to take a step back and see where you stand at the moment. The first question to ask yourself is: “Can we afford this?” A moving budget should be one of the first and most important things on your moving list. Do your due diligence and set an exact mark on just how high your limit is. There are a lot of good long-distance movers Chicago who will take your budget into account and plan the move around it. After this, check the lease of your current business location. Make sure that you do not overpay, and choose a good time to leave your current office space.

a person checking finances before organizing a corporate relocation
Before you do anything, you need to assess your budget and the company status

However, there is one most important thing you need to think about. We are talking about your business’s current success, and it is a vital factor to consider. You need to make a detailed analysis of your current success and progress. Is your company making a profit? Are your earnings going up, or down? Are you meeting client demand? All of these variables demand a good analyst to process and present. This is where you should not worry about expenses. Organizing a corporate relocation is worthless without this data. First, you need to know if there is a need to move to begin with.

Choose a new location that suits you

Before you move, you have to know where you are going. For example, you need to decide if your startup will do better in New York or San Diego. Basically, you need to take two things into consideration. One is the overall cost of the move, and the other, both short and long term benefits of it all. If the benefits outweigh the cost and only cause a small delay in business, then it is your time to start packing.

However, if you can’t exactly determine the benefits of the move, then you need to go back to the drawing board and check your location choices and statistics. After this, you can ask your employees for opinions on potential office building choices. Every suggestion is welcome and it will make your employees feel valued.

Form a team for organizing a corporate relocation

A move is only successful if everyone is on board and cooperating. Select one person from each office department that will be in charge of their area and answer only to you. For example, sector supervisors and managers can control the packing process and make sure that all employees pack their own desks and personal items. Your team can also help with spotting critical issues with the current space and offer ideas on improving your future offices. This way, you are giving your employees input and ownership of the moving process.

people doing office work
Task your team leaders with making sure every employee packs their own work area

The day of the move may feel chaotic, so plan accordingly. Make sure everyone on your team is up to speed and knows what is happening. It would be good to hold a meeting one month before the move, and in the last week before the moving day. In case your business will work on the moving day, you need to decide who will work, and from where. Should they work from home, or will they be moved into the new space ahead of everyone else?

Hire a reliable moving company for the job

After you make all the needed preparations, you need to find a moving company that can get you to your new location. Given the fact you are moving your entire business, you need to look for the absolute best and reliable movers. Keep in mind there are many moving scams around. Here is what you should look for in a company:

  • License – This should be on top of the list. A business with no license is not something you want to deal with. No friendly favors are allowed here. Commercial moving is a serious business, and every mover should have a registered license and a USDOT number in order to operate.
  • Good experience – As we said, for your needs, you want nothing but the best. Make sure the company of your choice has solid experience in this field. The longer the company is around, the better. Years of field experience make all the difference, seeing as you are working with delicate equipment. They need to provide vehicles fit for the job and no amateurism is allowed.
blue truck on the road
Make sure your chosen mover has a valid license and years of experience
  • Reviews – Another important factor to consider. Websites like The Better Business Bureau are full of customer reviews, both positive and negative.
  • Good estimates – This ties back to the moving budget we mentioned at the beginning. Get a few moving estimates and compare the numbers. Go for a binding estimate because it prevents a mover from charging more than 10% of the initial price estimation.

Alert all your clients about the move on time

Task your employees with getting in touch with your clients and informing them about the changes. On your official website, leave as much information as possible about your new address and any potential downtime you may experience. Take a few pictures with your workers and upload them to your website. This will show potential clients that you have team spirit, which is especially good since your new location is a new start in a sense, so you need to present yourself well.

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