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Are you looking for some peace and quiet? Yet, you wouldn’t like to live in the mountains off the beaten track. Why don’t you consider relocating to Evanston then? All you need is some great Evanston movers and the whole new world will open for your eyes. Although the city’s main advantage is its proximity to Chicago, it’s not the only one. Numerous unrevealed benefits are awaiting its new residents. 

How to move to Evanston

If you are already an Illinois resident, living in or near Chicago, moving to Evanston won’t be so difficult. You ought to hire some reputable moving company and create an efficient plan. You will spend a bit of time and money. But everything will end for a short time.

However, if you come from another U.S. state, you will have to spend some more time and money. Those moving to Illinois will need the services of an interstate mover. Pay rates, in that case, are different. Prices are calculated based on the volume of belongings and mileage. 

Sunset on Lake Michigan
Choose the right movers for the move. Afterward, you can enjoy the beautiful lake.

Anyway, choosing a reliable moving company can be hard. There are loads of rogue movers, which is why you have to be picky and have an eye for details. If you want to move to Evanston, shop around before hiring an agency. Don’t take shortcuts opting for the first one that appears in the search. Set up the goals and conduct research. Explore movers’ websites, compare their prices, and contact them.

Fun facts about Evanston

Those who haven’t heard of Evanston or don’t know much about it will be surprised with the following curiosities:

  1. Evanston is merely 12 miles north of glorious Chicago downtown.
  2. It boasts six public swimming beaches on Lake Michigan.
  3. There are 76 amazing parks in its 7.8-square-mile land area. 
  4. It is home to renowned Northwestern University.
  5. The university was actually founded prior to the city in the late 19th century.
  6. People relocating to Evanston should know it is fully independent of Chicago.
  7. Liquor became allowed in restaurants and hotels in 1972. 
  8. And in 1984, the local government let the first liquor retails open there. 
  9. Evanston was the World Wildlife Fund’s Earth Hour City Capital in 2015.
  10. The extremely popular Tinkertoys originate from Evanston, dating back to the year 1914.

Relocating to Evanston with a family

Evanston is a family-friendly city with a large number of housing options. Also, it is perfect for people of all ages. One of the reasons why adults with children move to Evanston is because it offers a high-quality school system.  It is part of wider chains, such as the Evanston/Skokie School District 65 and Evanston Township High School District 202. Apart from public schools, there are some good private ones too. 

The family is walking in the park after relocating to Evanston.
Evanston is a great place to raise a child. It is peaceful and full of green areas. Kids can play safely in numerous parks.

What is more, this city is not as crowded as Chicago. It is cheaper than the most affordable Chicago neighborhoods and quieter too. If you are moving to Evanston, you will be amazed at its convenience. Most places are within a walking distance. Due to the city’s strenuous efforts toward becoming more sustainable, it abounds in bicycle lanes. Also, you won’t need to spend a lot on fuel.

This city takes pride in parks and playgrounds galore. It has enough sports and recreation facilities. These places contribute to children’s development and health. That’s how kids become more physically active. Furthermore, they improve their social skills. 

Moving to Evanston as a student

The City of Evanston has cordially welcomed a stunning number of university students and academics. Thus, it comes as no surprise that Northwestern University is the city’s landmark. No matter whether you wish to study maths, environmental sciences, psychology, etc, relocating to Evanston can be a smart choice. The university encompasses a wide array of programs for everyone’s taste. Besides, it has become the top employer offering a large number of employment opportunities. 

Moreover, its campus life is really exciting. The campus of breathtaking beauty provides a cozy and safe environment for students. There are lots of cultural and sports events, which make the atmosphere even more vibrant. 

Being close to Evanston and Chicago downtowns, students can enjoy both cities’ night lives. Needless to say, going out in Evanston is a cheaper option. But most students occasionally head for nearby Chicago to have fun. Then, late at night, they return to Evanston to have some inexpensive food. Sounds cool, isn’t it?

Employment opportunities after relocating to Evanston

Most people fear of poor employment opportunities in small cities. For that reason, they choose huge places, such as New York City, Los Angeles, etc. However, why would you bother finding low-income apartments in Chicago if you don’t have a high salary? You could easily move to Evanston and continue working in Chicago. Even though it requires commuting, is the 12-mile distance really an issue? You don’t need a car for that. Just sit on the CTA’s Purple Line “L” train. So, you will be in Chicago in no time. 

A man lying on the floor with a bicycle and other stuff
Evanston is a promising city for young adults with creative entrepreneurial ideas. Competition isn’t as tough as in Chicago.

Still, are you tired of the crowd in big cities? Then, try this ever-growing city. If you are thinking of moving to Evanston, this is the right place for your small business. Its nine business districts are great for entrepreneurs. Besides, finding a job is not very difficult. You can work in local companies and governmental institutions. Or choose among Downtown’s restaurants, Central Street’s shops, Southwest’s shopping malls. West End’s industrial businesses and West Village’s sports organizations are good choices too.

Think carefully and decide wisely

Wherever you are moving, you should be practical. Consider what will satisfy your needs. Set your goals precisely. With all its advantages, relocating to Evanston might turn out to be something fulfilling. That’s why you should be completely certain about the move. Only then will you be able to enjoy everything Evanston can offer. 

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