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Stuck in Chicago with your family? Want to spend some quality time with those closest to you in the Windy City? The biggest city in Illinois offers a lot of amazing things to see and do! And even if you have just moved here with your local movers Chicago, you will want to go and explore some of the places we have for you! Today, we take a look at the best ways to spend family time in Chicago!

Go kayaking!

Golan’s Moving & Storage has a huge list of amazing activities – but kayaking is one of the top choices! There are so many places where you can go out onto the water and enjoy some paddling with your family. You can go to North Avenue Beach or Montrose Beach on Lake Michigan and rent a kayak there. There are some guided you’re you can take and watch the architecture, the sunset or the lights of the city during the night.

Get your family on the water and explore Chicago like never before!

You can get in the Chicago River on a kayak tour as well! There are a lot of cool things to explore – like the Ultimate Fireworks Outing, a Sunset Tour, or a Historic Chicago Tour. You can even go exploring on your own too! It doesn’t matter if you just moved to the city or have been born here – exploring it from the water gives you a whole new angle to look at the city, and we highly encourage it!

Spend family time in Chicago by learning to skateboard

Another unique new skill that you can learn is skateboarding! There are a lot of places with concrete ramps, grinding rails, and quarter pipes, but the best skate parts are Grant Park Skate Park and Burnham 31st Street Skate Park. You can also go to Maggie Daley Park Skating Ribbon too, where you can rent a pair of rollerblades or a scooter. Spend your family afternoon just flying around the many paths of the Maggie Daley Park.

Help your kids learn how to skateboard!

If you want something more “touristy,” then there are many guided Segway tours around the city too. Chicago Lakefront Museum Tour, for example, will take you through the rose gardens in Grant Park, as well as past Buckingham Fountain. You will even visit the Museum Campus, and it’s a trip worth taking!

There is so much more to explore!

As you can notice, we gave you two amazing ways to spend family time in Chicago in this article. However, within these, there are more than just one or two days of things to do and see! We also tried to walk “off the beaten path” and share some unique new things to do with you – but there are many more. Voice out your ideas in the comments as well!

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