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There are certain places in the world that really stand out with their exquisite cuisine and food options. Moreover, if you are a true food enthusiast you will always be looking for new places to visit and dishes to try. One place where you can find a big variety of different cuisine is surely Glenview, Illinois. Namely, in today’s article, we talk about Glenview for foodies. Moreover, we discuss the restaurants you will encounter there and what type of food you will find in them. Every foodie knows that diversity in cuisine is very important. Eating the same old things as days go by is surely not fun or satisfying. So, if you plan on moving to Glenview, we advise hiring services of professional companies, like Golan’s Moving & Storage, to help you move. Once you do move, we will help you locate and visit some of the finest restaurants there.

The guide to Glenview for foodies

Glenview is a suburban area of the city of Chicago in the state of Illinois. It has a population of around 48.000 people and is located in Cook County. The majority of the population in the area are retirees but a suburb is also a great place for a family lifestyle. Moreover, the area has great nightlife, is quite diverse, and has a very good public schooling system.

a person taking a picture of their dish
If you enjoy different cuisine with traditional and innovative recipes than visiting Glenview is a must

The village of Glenview also boasts a large variety of restaurants, bars, and parks everyone can enjoy. Now, when a place is family-friendly one can expect to find a large variety of different restaurants in the area. Three of the most dominant cuisines are:

  • American
  • Mexican
  • Italian

Wildfire – Glenview

Wildfire is one of the highly-rated restaurants in the Glenview area. The soothing decor, followed by jazz music creates a perfect atmosphere for people to enjoy their meal. Some of the signature dishes of the restaurant are Horseradish Crusted Filet Mignon, Wildfire Chopped Salad, and Cedar Planked Salmon to name a few. The whole premise of this restaurant is to create a 1940s vibe with exquisite cuisine that will tickle your tastebuds. The restaurant specializes in dishes that include steak, wood-roasted seafood, and roasted meats, in general. Moreover, they focus on an American-style cuisine that is surely something you should try. On the other hand, if you plan on moving to Glenview before visiting the restaurant – hire Glenview moving companies to help you.

Coarse Italian

Are you looking for a nice place to dine in your neighborhood? Moreover, do you require a place with a beautiful view, but that is also child friendly so you can enjoy time with your family? Look no further! The name coarse represents rustic in nature. More importantly, the Coarse Italian chefs try to bring the authentic Italian-inspired dishes closer to the residents of Glenview.

a person holding a pizza as a part of Glenview for foodies guide
Visiting an Italian restaurant without having to try a good pizza with some nice wine is something you do not want to miss

Whether you are looking for a nice lunch or dinner, Coarse Italian puts the meaning in Glenview for foodies. The restaurant is near a golf course and offers an amazing outside sitting experience for its customers. This, on top of a variety of different perks of the suburb, will make you want to find the best places to live in Glenview.

Glenview for foodies guide – Cafe El Tapatio

When talking about the staple of Mexican cuisine in Chicago, Cafe El Tapatio is the first association. Established in 1974, this restaurant uses traditional Mexican cuisine with a nice little twist. Some of the most famous dishes are Pollo en Mole de Reyna, Camarones al Tequila, and Salmón Citrico besides various traditionally flavored meals. The restaurant is perfect for fit foodies and those who enjoy traditional Mexican cuisine with all its perks. To top it off, all of the specialty cocktails made in the restaurant 100% Blue Agave Tequila. So, if you want to enjoy some authentic food with excellent flavor, make sure you visit Cafe El Tapatio when in Glenview.

Hackney’s on Lake

There are a plethora of fun facts about Glenview you can find online. Moreover, just by visiting the suburb, you will surely not be lacking excitement and enjoyment. Another fun fact you can learn today is that the restaurant Hackney’s on Lake is a place that started selling hamburgers during the prohibition. Another fun fact is that the restaurant is not really on a lake, but rather on E Lake Avenue. This gastropub specializes in hamburgers and some of the most famous dishes are Hackneyburgers on Hackney’s Dark Rye.

a burger on a tray in the dark
Trying the standard American cuisine means having a good burger with a beer on the side

On the other hand, what goes well with burgers? Beer, that is correct. The restaurant has a long, ever-changing list of tap beers you can choose from to go with your burgers. If you love burgers and American cuisine in general, this is something you do not want to miss.

Visiting Glenview will surely not leave you hungry

Now, we are not able to list every possible place you can have a meal in the city. However, you can be assured that there will be a plethora of different choices you can choose from in the area. From seafood to innovative traditional cuisines from different backgrounds make Glenview for foodies. The close proximity to Chicago leaves a lot of other options on the table when it comes to eating. So, whether you enjoy Mexican, American, Italian, or Asian food, Glenview has it all. On top of that, the diversity in the demographics of the suburb and the city, in general, make it so that you can but not encounter different cuisines. Moreover, one of the favorite parts of Glenview, according to the people, is the ice-cream options you have. This is another reason why spending time with children in Glenview is a great idea.

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