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Moving is a big deal especially when you have big things to move. That’s when you call in professionals such as Golan’s Moving & Storage who can help in a big way.

Appliance reliance

From refrigerators and stoves to washers and dryers, bringing large appliances to your new home is no problem so long as you have them disconnected prior to pickup. To ensure this is done safely, it’s best to follow the owner’s manual instructions or, better yet, have a service take care of the job.

Divide and conquer

It’s also necessary to remove smaller pieces from large appliances prior to the move. If you have an electric range, remove loose coils and pack them separately. For local moves, glass tops on refrigerators can be removed and padded during transport. But if you plan to ship or store these pieces, they must be crated ahead of time. Of course, before any of these is done, it’s important to defrost and thoroughly dry your refrigerator and freezer one or two days prior to your departure.

Noteworthy moves

Transporting a spinet, console, upright, baby grand, grand or player piano to your new home can be a song with the right movers. As the city’s piano moving experts, Golan’s will fully pad and wrap your piano as well as safely delivering it to your chosen destination.

Ultimate valet service
You can have your vehicle delivered to your new residence when driving it there is not an option. Whether heading across state, across the country or overseas, Golan’s can ship your car and see that it arrives without a scratch. 

Big stuff

Since 1990, our Chicago moving company has transported customers’ appliances, pianos, and other huge possessions including cars to California, New York and nearly every state in between, not to mention international locations. If you’re getting ready for a big move, give Golan’s a call.



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