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Is there a better place to feel the winter magic than up in the North? Winter wonderland to the full is awaiting you in Chicago land. There’s a lot of fun things to do in Des Plaines this winter, so warm up for the road and get ready for adventures ahead!

Girl sliding down the slope
Winter in Des Plaines – time to have fun!

Spend wintertime in Chicago neighborhood

You rent a cozy vacation house in Chicago suburbs for the upcoming winter. A residence for a perfect vacation is almost ready, it’s only left to bring the necessary items for the winter holiday to make it feel like home.

Even the temporary moving demands a lot of packing and planning, so let Des Plaines moving company carry your housing. Your winter thrills can begin sooner and what’s more important on holiday than having fun?

If you’re not sure where to start, check out our guidelines for having the best time in Illinois this winter:

  • Des Plaines winter festival
  • Surrounding ski centers offer exciting wintertime activities
  • Relaxing vacation in Des Plaines nature
  • Visiting landmarks and sights
  • Tour de Chicago

A bunch of fun things to do on Des Plaines winter festival

If you’ll be visiting Des Plaines in December, don’t miss out the Winter Wonderland event! At the beginning of the last month of the year, Des Plaines turns into a winter fun kingdom. Amusement is guaranteed both for kids and adults. Meet Santa, enjoy festive entertainment and spend 2 incredible days with your family. The festival lasts two days and is located at the Prairie Lakes Community Center.

Prairie Lakes Park

Though this beautiful park is best known for its sunny weather activities, it’s also stunning in winter. Take a walk near the lake on a brisk winter day. It will fresh you up and get ready for the next Des Plaines wintertime entertainment. And it’s a perfect scene for taking amazing winter vacation photos. Once you skim through them later, you’ll probably make a reservation for the summer, to see all the colors of Des Plaines. You might even decide to spend every season in this charming Illinois town! Don’t let the moving fuss instantly drive you away from the idea, as Chicago moving and storage takes it from there. Maybe you end up celebrating New Year in your new home this winter!


Girl under the winter festive ligths
Holidays bring even more thrills to town of Des Plaines

Active fun on Chicago suburb slopes

For the bravest adventure seekers, Des Plaines is surrounded by ski centers where you can find all kinds of thrilling activities. Whether you are a professional or just looking for fun snow games, it’s all on the table. Skiing and snowboarding is at hand’s reach while residing in northern areas, so why not trying them this season? Spice up the frosty weather with healthy adrenaline rush while sliding down Illinois slopes. It’s never boring on a snowy winter day, so make this season filled with another exciting experience in Des Plaines. Endless wallowing in snow also counts!

Chill-out entertainment in Des Plaines chilly weather

Winter makes charming Chicago suburban town into an all-inclusive amusement park. It’s hard to resist all these eye catching landscapes covered in snow. And who says only the sporty activities can be fun? Hiking trails turned into snow paths, trees covered in glittering snow…an ideal outdoor entertainment in Des Plaines for more casual travelers.

Illinois wood in snow
More relaxed winter amusement in Illinois woods

But what starts as a relaxed walk can easily turn into long hiking tour. Enchanting winter nature and Des Plaines forest park trails can lead you further than planned, so better pack a comfy pair of shoes and extra pieces of warm, layered clothes. If you’ve run out of storage, package supplies Chicago provide the best-fitting packing units for your items. Don’t sacrifice winter pleasures for lighter luggage when you can have both. The fun has many shapes in Des Plaines and hiking trails are sure to provide an enjoyable wintertime adventure.

Holiday season accessories

If you’re relocating for the entire season, you’re likely to spend winter holidays in Chicagoland. This only means there’s even more fun things to do in Des Plaines this winter! Why spending more money on festive items when you can have your favorite ornaments brought along? All you need is a trustworthy moving agency that meets your needs to spend the wintertime fully equipped.

Interesting places to see while in Des Plaines area

Whether you flew from far away land or live near Chicago suburbs, Des Plaines landmarks are always interesting to see and experience.
You’ve already walked down the Des Plaines river trail, and seen the winter charms of Prairie Lakes Park. But there’s more amazing and amusing things to see in Des Plaines that are not in the open air.

Indoor fun things to see in Des Plaines

For all history lovers, a bundle of fun activities is everywhere around you in Illinois. If it gets too cold outside, visit some well-known museums and city institutions. Des Plaines history center and Koehnline Museum of Art will blow you away like an avalanche.

More amusing things in Illinois suburbs this cold season waiting for you in Rosemont Theater. Maybe your favorite band is playing during your stay! If you’re arriving by plane, you simply can’t miss Parkway Bank Park Entertainment District. Located in close vicinity of Des Plaines, this amusement center offers various thrilling activities for everyone.

The Windy City

After all the suburban activities, you can take a ride to Chicago, where the action never stops. We won’t get into detail as the possibilities are endless. The fun time is guaranteed during the whole year, yet the seasonal charms are the best to enjoy everywhere. If you get tired of busy city pace, Des Plaines winter idyll will welcome you back.

Wintertime brings a lot of amusement every year. The fun comes in many shapes and forms, so you’ll definitely find your jam somewhere in the Chicagoland suburbs. Things to do in Des Plaines this winter promise unforgettable adventure that will make you revisit this charming place year after year. Sounds like an exciting New year resolution for upcoming seasons!

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