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Niles is a suburb in Chicago. It is one of the bigger ones of the 100 suburbs of this city, with 31,000 people calling it home. It is located in Cook County, in the northwest part of the city. Many people refer to it as a separate village, that is bordering the most populous city of Illinois. Even though an urban area, Niles is more spacious than the neighboring places, giving even a suburban feeling. Living in Niles is very affordable, with the median home price at $303,000, while rent is a bit lower than the national average, at $1,150. But even though facts about Niles IL are important, you should also know some fun facts before contacting some moving companies in Chicago. So, here we go.

Niles is an interesting little place

Even though little in size and population, Niles is an actual sight, especially for someone who recently moved with the help of some residential movers Chicago. There are fun things to see and do, and facts about Niles IL that you can learn. Some of the most interesting ones are that:

  • Niles has a leaning tower
  • Seafood and Greek food are locals’ favorites
  • This suburb has a free bus system
Picture of a woman researching some facts about Niles IL
Niles is a real sight to newcomers

Leaning tower of Niles

The first association when hearing about a leaning tower is in Pisa, Italy. The one in Niles is similar, but it is significantly smaller, at half the size of the original one. It was constructed in 1934, but much like the original leaning tower, this one started aging quickly. Wanting to prevent further damage, the officials of Niles decided to collaborate with their sister city, Piza, and work on the upkeep budget that proved inadequate at that time. Today, you can find a beautiful area around the tower, with parks and picnic areas. If you ask our moving companies in Niles for a recommendation on what to visit, they will for sure suggest this.

Seafood and Greek food are popular

Even though Chicago is not a coastal city, seafood is a real treat to its residents. Don’s Dock Seafood is without a doubt the most highly rated restaurant in the area, both with locals and tourists alike. It might come as unexpected, but Greek food is also popular in Niles, thanks to restaurants like Mykonos Greek Restaurant. But these are not the only ones worth visiting – for those times when you crave a pizza, you should visit Graziano’s Brick Oven Pizza. Even moving services Chicago providers will be happy to see a pizza from this place as moving is heavy work after all!

There is a free bus system in Niles

Using public transportation is usually the cheaper way to get around a city, but did you know that in Niles you can ride for free? This courtesy bus system runs from 6:30 am to 5:00 pm on weekdays and stops at major points of interest – shopping centers, public places, etc.

Picture of a bus stop
One of the facts about Niles IL is that it has a free bus system

You will not regret a decision to move to Niles IL

If you are looking for a place that is close to a big city, but the place itself is calm, Niles might be a good choice. Apart from the fun facts about Niles IL, the main benefit that draws people in are the low costs of living and the fact that it is a spacious place, great for spending time outdoors. We hope that you will like Niles!

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