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Moving is the best time to get rid of all that useless junk around the house. After all, we’re all familiar to the adage, “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.” Here are some quick and easy tips for lightening your move and making some cash in the process:


It’s the neighborhood classifieds for the modern, 2.0 world. Take some quality photos of your items, set your price and post them to the web. It’s that easy! To increase your chances of selling the items, be open to negotiation.

Garage Sale

Garage sales require a little more work, but can be a very effective way to purge large quantities of items. Schedule your garage sale for a Saturday morning, but be prepared to wake up early; seasoned bargain hunters will be on the prowl!


Word-of-mouth is helpful when getting rid of big items. Chance are, you know someone who needs a new bedroom set or a friend of a friend is in the market for hand-me-down maternity clothes. Ask around or post your offerings to Facebook.

Donate & Get a Tax Write-Off

It might not be immediate money in your pocket, but donating your unwanted goods to Salvation Army or Goodwill can provide a future tax write-off. Plus, you’re paying it forward by helping those in need.

Never underestimate the power of good karma!

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