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Everyone has records. Not the old ones with grooves, but current documents from your doctor, school, utilities and bank. So before you move, make sure you have them in order.

If you already know your new physician or clinic, ask them to call for your medical files. If not, simply ask your current doctor, dentist and optometrist for a condensed version of your records and accompanying x-rays. Also, don’t forget to contact your vet for your pet’s medical records. You’re entitled to a complete copy including exam and test results as well treatment sheets if your pet was hospitalized.

While most schools will forward your child’s records to the new school, ask for an additional copy as a back-up. If your child is applying to college, request a certified copy of their transcript to be mailed to your new address.

Most people bank online but if you don’t, be sure to get copies of current bank statements, account information and investment standings. After you’ve paid your utility bills and closed all accounts, keep a hard copy of your payment on the off-chance a company claims payment has not been made.

Once you’ve obtained all these records, organize them in an easy, accessible way with a portable file box, aka Bankers Box. Despite its stodgy name, Bankers Boxes come in a variety of fun colors and designs. You may opt for cornflower blue from newegg.com or red from officeworld.com. Through amazon.com, you can get stylish stackable storage boxes as well as Snap-N-Store’s black and white scroll design or a two-pack of printed boxes in stripes and blossoms from Fellowes Decorative Bankers. Environmentally-keen movers will appreciate recycled file flip-top boxes from officemax.com.

With your records tied-down, you’ll want to let loose by singing and dancing to your other records. You know, the old ones with the grooves.

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