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We’ve said it before in this blog, moving can be hectic and stressful! As a result, many important steps go overlooked, as do many hidden tips and tricks. To make your move less stressful and streamlined, here are five tips you’ve likely never heard of, but definitely won’t skip:

• Pack dishes vertically to prevent breaking. Dishes are tricky to pack. Even with boxes specifically designed for transporting dishware, there’s the risk of breaking a plate or two. For the most stability, try packing plates verticallylike recordsalong with bubble wrap, towels or t-shirts to provide cushioning.

• Use cotton balls to prevent cosmetics from breaking. This is one tip that is often overlooked or unknown, but it can preserve those beloved and expensive cosmetics. Take a cotton ball or two and place it inside your blush or foundation to prevent the plastic face from cracking. Not only is this costly when cosmetics are damaged, but it can get messy.

• Use plastic wrap to prevent toiletry spills. No matter how hard we try, there’s always one sneaky bottle of body wash or that tiny vial of makeup remover that leaks everywhere. To prevent spills, remove the lid, cover the item with saran wrap and then put the lid back on. For double duty, wrap toiletries in a plastic bag as well. This tip not only works when moving, but it’s great when traveling too.

• Hire a sitter for local moves. Moving is enough to make well-mannered adults cranky and tantrum-prone. Plus, distracted adults can lose sight of their little ones when consumed by the demands of moving. Hire a babysitter or drop you kids off at a relative’s, so they are entertained and looked after during this stressful time. The same goes for pets, too. With constantly opened doors, dogs and cats can get loose or tripped over by humans running around.

• Buy a box of Ziploc baggies. You might not know why you need them, but you likely will. These are perfect for packing screws and hardware from furniture or electronics or organizing jewelry, as they are perfectly sized, secure baggies are an inexpensive way to keep track of important odds and ends.

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