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The Boy Scouts of America had one thing right: “Be prepared.” Their motto rings true in many of life’s unpredictable situations, and moving is no exception. Before you get started on your next move, make sure you have the following items:

  1. Multi-sized boxes. Small boxes are ideal for heavier or fragile items, like dishes, whereas large boxes are great for lighter, bulkier items. Be sure to pick up a few wardrobe boxes for packing pants, suits, dresses and other clothing items.
  2. Permanent markers. Invest in a few trusty Sharpies before packing. Clearly labeling your boxes by its room and contents will prevent headaches when unpacking.
  3. Packing tape. Don’t skimp on packing tape! Tape boxes generously to avoid costly accidents. When in doubt, always buy more packing tape; there’s nothing worse than running out of this must-have in your moment of need. Also, make sure you purchase a tape gun for fast, easy taping.
  4. Packing material. Some packing materials, like newspaper, can be recycled. However, since most people get this news online, newsprint and bubble wrap can be purchased with your boxes. Certain household items, like t-shirts and towels, are a cost effective and environmentally friendly way to protect breakables.
  5. A dolly. Unless you like heavy lifting and are willing to risk throwing out your back, a dolly is essential for transporting multiple heavy boxes at once. Not only does a dolly make it easier to move your belongings, but it helps speed the process.

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