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Summer is the most common time of year for moving. For this reason, moving between May and Labor Day can be hectic, so it’s important to plan ahead. Still, summer moves are popular for many reasons due to the inherent convenience that comes with these months.

Here are five benefits of moving during summer that will help make the transition more seamless:

1. The weather is nicer. Let’s start with the obvious—when moving in the summer, you will most likely never have to fight snow, ice and extreme cold temperatures. Nothing is worse than moving in the dead of winter.

2. Think of the children. Many people opt for summer moves, since it’s easier on the kids. School is on hiatus, so children will have more time to adjust to their new home and make new friends before resuming classes. If you’re making a long distance move, you can even make a vacation out of it!

3. Longer days. For local or semi-local moves, maybe people try to make it a one-day event. The extra hours of daylight give you more time to move, unload the truck and get settled. Unloading boxes in the dark is not only undesirable but just plain dangerous!

4. Garage sale season. When moving, it’s important to purge your home of any excess junk; it’s less to move and less to unpack. Summer is the most popular time for garage sales, and many communities even have group garage sales, which increase the odds of you making some extra cash and getting rid of clutter.

5. More housing options. More homes are on the market during the summer month, both for renting and buying. With a greater selection, you’re more likely to find the right home for you and your family. If selling, you have a better chance of securing a buyer during this popular season.

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