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The goal of a moving company is to transport your valuables safely and soundly to your new home. In short, good movers should help make your move seamless. A full-service moving company—one that provides packing, moving and storage—can help make the process even more seamless and save time and reduce stress, as well. Here are five benefits of a full-service moving company that does it all:

1. They pack for you. Packing is often reported as the least favorite part of moving. Full-service movers can take over this chore and pack quickly and efficiently. Above all, the packers are professionals, so they know how to handle your valuables and antiques with care.

2. They help relieve stress. Moving can be hectic. In fact, it’s often reported as the most stressful planned life event. By eliminating a self-move and handing it over to professionals, a large portion of stress can be mitigated.

3. They save you time. When moving, time is of the essence, especially when moving for a new job. Though hiring packers along with movers is an additional cost, the time savings can make it well worth it.

4. They store your goods. A full-service moving company can store your personal items when necessary. Golan’s Moving and Storage, a Chicago-based moving company, has a 150,000-square foot storage facility in Skokie, Illinois for safe, temperature-controlled storage.

5. They protect your assets. A full-service company (like Golan’s) will offer coverage options for local and long-distance moves to protect your valuables. Always discuss coverage options before or when booking your movers, as this is a very important feature.

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