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Deciding on what type of home best suits you may depend on the books you’ve read. Per a previous blog that tested which fictional heroine you are with regards to your dream home, here is one featuring fictional heroes because what’s good for the goose is good for the gander—especially when you take a gander at the following statements to decide which one sounds most like you.

A) I think out of the box, and out of the office. Because I work from home, I prefer a large place with artistic architecture that will inspire creative thinking. I’d also like a security gate to keep my workers in and onlookers out.

B) Even though mobile homes imply travel, they’re usually stationary unlike me. That’s why I’d like a small houseboat that would enable me to seek big adventures while on the go.

C) I’m so private, I must hide my personal messes from my guests (and my household staff) so a large and isolated estate with lots of closet space is ideal.

D) A smart and stylish townhouse in the city sounds like a sweet deal to me. And an attic where I can stash old art would be icing on the cake.

E) My residence is a measure of my success so it must be grand in every respect: large in scale and opulent in design. If I can’t have an original castle, then finely-crafted imitation artifacts will do—so long as the mansion is impressive and overlooking the water.

If you answered A, you’re Willy Wonka from “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” by Roald Dahl. You’re the type to sleep, breathe, and literally eat your work so it really doesn’t matter which neighborhood you choose since you seldom leave your home.

Those who answered B are Mark Twain’s famed Huckleberry Finn. Anywhere you hang your hat is your home—although you’re likely to keep it on when encountering the sun on your voyages up and down the Mighty Mississippi.

If you agreed with C, you are Rochester from Charlotte Bronte’s classic “Jane Eyre” who didn’t just keep skeletons in the closet, he locked his wife up there too. Hopefully, you’ll just use that extra storage space for non-living keepsakes and freely stroll the grounds of your estate sans guilt.

D is for Dorian Gray from “The Picture of Dorian Gray” by Oscar Wilde. Living in London will suit you so long as you avoid the city’s club scene since you’re not as young as you look.

Lastly, if you matched with E, you’re Jay Gatsby from “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald. However if you’re looking to live in West Egg, make sure you beef up security so your dreams don’t crack.

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