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Moving to Chicago with your family can be a great decision! There are many things that you can count on getting here for your family. But, what we will talk today about is what are the best family friendly suburbs of Chicago. That way you will know what to expect from them, and where to move. To further get into details, our team from Golan’s Moving & Storage will help you out with this. Here are some things you need to know.

What makes a place family friendly?

Before we tell you more about the suburbs in Chicago that are very family friendly, we need to talk about the factors that make a place great for families. There are many things you need to have in mind when choosing the place to call your next home. That is why we will now tell you about them. Some of the things that will make a place great for people with children are:

  • Great schools
  • Neighborhood is quiet
  • There are many parks
  • Places are pet-friendly
  • The crime rate is low

A little bit about Chicago

If you are planning to move to Chicago then you should know that this place has over 2,742,119 residents, and the majority of them love living here. The place is very urban and most of the residents rent their homes. With many bars, restaurants, and other places you can visit, you can rest assured that you will have a great time. It is a relatively safe place where you can raise your kids without any problems. The median home value here is $277,600 while the median home rent revolves around $1,209. It is worth noting that the median home income in Chicago is $65,781.

These are some of the quick facts you should know about Chicago and what you can expect from this place. What you need to know is that the following neighborhoods are considered the best for families in Chicago. And they are:

  • Lincolnwood
  • Niles
  • Northbrook
  • Morton Groove
a family happy to move to one of the family friendly suburbs of Chicago
There are many family friendly suburbs of Chicago you should know about

Lincolnwood is one of the best family friendly suburbs of Chicago

Lincolnwood is a lovely suburb in Chicago with over 13,358 residents. The median home value of this place is $398,400, while the median rent is going for $2,398. So, what can you expect from such a place? Well for starters, you will have a wonderful and peaceful life here. Some other factors that make it a great choice to move here with your family are:

  • Great livability
  • Low crime rate
  • Good education
  • Low poverty rate
kids in the classroom
Education is one of the factors families with kids move to Lincolnwood

This is what makes Lincolnwood a great place for families in Chicago. If you are planning to move soon, make sure to do it with the help of moving companies in LincolnwoodThey will help you out so you can focus on finishing up other things.

You should move to Niles

This suburb has 30,971 residents and they enjoy living in this place that has an urban suburban feel. There are many things you can enjoy with your family. And the median home value is set at $302,000 while the rent is going for $1,148. This will mean a lot if you are moving here to buy a home. And if you want to move safely, do it with the help of movers Niles IL. Some of the biggest reasons why this place is considered great for families are:

  • Top-notch schools
  • A peaceful place to raise a kid
  • Many parks
  • Nice restaurants
  • Family-friendly activities

Think about moving to Northbrook

This suburb has 35,108 residents and they are all part of Cook County. You will notice that this place is very family friendly because there are many activities you can enjoy with your family. From nice Northbrook restaurants, parks, theaters, and other places you can visit. The most important part to know about Northbrook is that:

  • It is affordable to live here
  • The schools are great and are close
  • Public transport is very good
  • It is peaceful
  • There are many parks
  • You will be safe

This is what makes Northbrook a great place for you and your family. So if you are moving soon, and want to spend more time with them, you should call moving companies Northbrook IL to help you out. Then you will have more than enough time to organize any fun activity with your family before moving out.

People tend to raise their kids in Morton Groove

Last but not the least, we should talk about Morton Groove. A lovely suburb in Chicago with 25,000 residents. They all enjoy living here and they are a part of Cook County. Many places make this suburb a very family-oriented place. For example, you can take your kids to many parks, malls, theaters, etc. Some of the main factors that contribute to this are:

  • Great livability
  • Low cost of living
  • Pretty safe place
  • Good education
  • Low poverty rate
hand holding a dollar bill
The cost of living in Morton Groove is affordable

These are the factors that will make this place a great neighborhood for you and your kids to move to. And if you want to do it soon, call movers Morton Groove IL to help you out. With their assistance, you will surely move and avoid any potential issues.

These are the best family friendly suburbs of Chicago

As we mentioned before, there are many things that you need to pay attention to when looking for family friendly suburbs of Chicago. But, now that you know what to expect from these, we hope that you will have an easier time picking the right place for you. If you are looking for more information you can use to make your relocation easier, then visit our blog. Have a happy move and neighborhood hunting!


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