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So you’re finally living on your own and know the joys of being financially independent. You can rest easy at night knowing that you are the master of your domain and you put this roof over your head… until one night a broken toilet interrupts your self-satisfaction. Emergency plumbers exist for these exact situations, and you know what else? They cost a fortune. Here are a few tips of the trade so you can handle your past-midnight plumbing nightmare yourself:

– Always know where the main water valve is so you can shut off the water while you assess the situation.

– If you have a gas water heater, switch it to “pilot” when turning it off

– Isolation valves allow water to continue to service the remainder of the house while the leak is being repaired. Check each fixture for it’s valve to stop flow to specific pipes.

– Use a technique called “backing off” to ease the stress on the plumbing: take two wrenches and screw in opposite directions

– Duct tape is your best friend when it comes to temporary fixes in emergency situations.

– Wrenches are the number one tool you’ll need in plumbing. Have them handy whenever approaching a leaky situation.

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