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Label your boxes

This is one of the most (if not, the most) important tasks for ensuring a seamless move. Print out labels from your computer with the names of each room or closet (e.g., master bedroom, kitchen, linen closet, storage, etc.). Use self-adhesive stickers to make your life even easier. When labeling your boxes, be consistent. Place the label on the upper right-hand corner of the box, so you always know where to look.

Color-code the boxes

If you want to go the extra mile and be able to identify a box from a far, code your boxes with different colored masking tape. Visit your local big box store for a wide selection of colored duct tape.

Use Zip-lock bags

Large Zip-lock bags aren’t just for storing chicken breasts in the freezer. Use these versatile baggies to transport loose items, like cooking utensils. Plus, the bags will keep these items clean during transit.

“Open this first!”

Pack your essentials in one box, so you aren’t frantically searching for your must-haves upon move in. This is especially important when moving with small kids. Pack dishes, blankets, coffee maker, first aid kit, a change of clothes and whatever else you will need in the first few days. Properly label and color-code this box, so the movers know it should be the last one in the truck and the first one in the box.

What are your essential tips for an organized move?

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