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If you are moving heavy items by yourself, you have definitely come to the perfect place. Our moving company can help you out with this issue. All you need to do is to give us a call and we can help you out. You should know that moving and relocation are never easy. However, you should also know that there are some things you can do to make it easier for you. This is especially true if you wish to relocate heavy items on your own. Fortunately, we have prepared one of the most useful guides with tips and tricks for you. We sincerely hope that you will enjoy it and that you will find it useful. However, we do not wish to spoil it just yet – feel free to read it if you are interested to learn more about this topic. So, without any other ado, let us begin.

How to avoid the downsides of moving heavy items by yourself?

There are some things you can do if you wish to avoid this one. Remember, moving heavy items is not like storing fine art safely – it is much harder than that. So, here is what you can do:

  • Hire one of the best moving companies around. You can hire some of the best moving companies to help you out. In any case, you can also rely on Golan’s Moving & Storage if you ever need moving and relocation services. Relocating heavy items is really hard, and you could use a hand or two to help you out with that one. Moreover, there are some items like bunk beds and some kitchen appliances you will never be able to relocate alone, so this might be a good idea.
  • Think about some special services you might need. If you have a piano, it might not be a bad idea to hire some of the most reliable piano movers Chicago offers. That way, you will have no issues when moving heavy items is concerned. Moreover, your movers can move the items they specialize in. If you try to do this on your own, you might get hurt or break your items somehow. So, think about this one.
  • Do it completely alone. In any case, you can try to do this completely alone as well. Some heavy items can be disassembled and that will make your job much easier. However, some cannot and there is, literally, no way you can relocate them alone. Thus, a good idea would be to designate which items you can and which ones you cannot relocate alone. For everything else, it is never too late to call some of the best movers Lincolnwood, IL offers.
Several pool tables
Some pool tables can weigh more than 1000 pounds

Some things you should keep in mind

For any relocation, you might need some really good moving and packing supplies and materials. Moreover, you might need to acquire only the best professional items if you wish to complete your relocation successfully. Thus, it is never a bad idea to visit Amazon and to purchase everything you can from there. In any case, having enough packing and moving supplies will make your work much easier than it actually is. That way, you will not have to worry about not having enough boxes, et cetera. All you will need to worry about is storage.

A businessman
There are some professionals who can help you relocate

Speaking of storage, it is never a bad idea to acquire some additional storage units when this is concerned. You will need to prepare furniture for relocation and that will take a lot of time. However, this will be pointless if you cannot fit them all inside your new home. For this reason, having enough storage space is crucial for your relocation. You can use your storage in two different ways. The first one is conventional – simply place your extra items inside and use them when you see fit. The other option, however, revolves around using the storage before your relocation. Simply fill it with your heavy items before your moving day, and then proceed to pick them up one by one from there. Believe us, this works perfectly.

Some of the main downsides of moving heavy items by yourself

Unless you rely on specialty moving experts, chances are that you cannot relocate move than 75% of your heavy items alone. Here is why:

  • They might be too heavy. There is a limit which an average person can lift and move and most heavy items outweigh this limit by quite a lot. For example, piano tables can weigh more than 1000 pounds. There is no way a single person can lift and move that without professional help.
  • It might be dangerous. Some items might be dangerous to relocate on your own. Some heavy kitchen appliances go with a lot of cables and electricity. Having in mind that it might be dangerous to move such items without a professional, it might the best idea to call one instead and not move it on your own.
  • It will take a lot of time. Moving and relocation will take enough time already, even without heavy items. However, with heavy items in the picture as well, it might take a few days to several weeks more to relocate. Most people do not have much time to waste, so think about this one.

Additional information

Most heavy things are not meant to be relocated alone. This is the reason why professional moving companies with special services exist. For example, if you wish to relocate a piano, you will do that with the help of some of the finest piano movers. It is pointless to do this without any help. Moreover, you might even break or damage your items and hurt yourself in the process.

A man talking on the phone
Call a good moving company and they will help you out

 Downsides of moving heavy items by yourself – conclusion

Overall, the downsides of moving heavy items by yourself should tell you that it might be the best idea to call a moving company instead. Of course, you can always try to relocate alone with your heavy items, but we advise against that. In any case, we are certain that you will make the best decision. Good luck with your move.

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