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As soon as you move into your new place the first thing you want to do is decorate. As soon as all your stuff is set up it becomes easier to see the kinds of home renovation projects you’re willing to take on, and which ones are worth it. Here’s a few of the easiest ones to cross off your list:

– Cabinets: Cabinets are easy to polish up– all you need is to replace the knobs! If your style is vintage, thrift shops have antique knobs for cheap, and if your style is modern just hit up your local hardware store and see what they carry.

– Lights: Rewiring your new place is dangerous and expensive, and definitely something you need to call an expert for. Adding track lighting, however, is not. Since the lights can just be installed onto your ceiling and walls as opposed to into them, buying some new lights can spruce up any place. Remember to go with LED to save electricity!

– Attic: Speaking of electricity, if you live in a place with an attic, be sure to insulate it! Caulk the windows and floorboards and buy a draft stopper for your doors. This will save you money on your bill that you can spend towards other, more fun things!

– Faucets: Faucets are easy to replace– just unscrew them and put in another one. If you’re unsure about your faucet-changing abilities, hardware stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot offer classes on DIY projects, or you can find videos online. A new faucet will pull any bathroom out of the last decade.

– Paint: If you have a landlord check the terms of your lease before moving forward, but a fresh coat of paint makes the place look like new, and accent walls or a revamp of a door frame can change the entire look and feel of your nest!

Thinking of moving and packing solutions to your new home? Or having any moving related questions? Check out Golan’s FAQ page or schedule an on-site estimate with our professional moving estimator. You can also order your boxes for pick-up or convenient delivery. Golan’s Chicago moving companies also have the facility of auto movers service which you can avail, apart from local, long distance and international moving services also in New York and California.

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