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Halloween is coming in fast! This year it begs to be a little bit different, with the pandemic still raging. However, bad times will not and should not dampen good spirits (even those who are a little bit scary). Therefore, this year Halloween is still very much on! And, to have a good Haloween, you really do need to have some good Halloween decorations. However, with the added free time at home you have this year, you might as well turn towards focusing on DIY Halloween decoration ideas to try this year! We will cover all the Halloween ideas for your porch, front lawn, front door, and indoors. Therefore, we will help you with a spark of some of our ideas to help you come up with some Halloween decorations of your own! Let us begin!

Trick or treat  – from the door

First of all, we should start from the DIY Halloween decoration ideas for the, well, first of things people see. That would be your front door. For example, you can use some of the packing supplies left over by the professional movers Chicago to make cardboard covering for the door. This would allow you to make any type of decoration needed, transforming the doors to your home into the entrance into the mouth of a terrible beast.

Hallowing decorations
Let’s start with the door decorations!

Be it that you are imagining a monster, a number of eyes on a dark background, or an elaborate drawing, doors can become the centerpiece for your Halloween decorations. After all, it is the doors that will greet the trick-or-treaters and will reward them for their little braveries with candy you will prepare for them. As for any other ideas, consider using the glass part of the door, if present, like an eye, by having an iris made out of cardboard, paper or linen glued to the glass door.

Inside decorations

DIY Halloween decoration ideas are all about having people actually witness them. Now, we know, this year is a little bit different, and in most states organizing a big party would not only be wrong, but basically imposable. However, that does not mean that small groups of people cannot gather if they follow safety protocol. After all, you will all be wearing masks anyway, why not add a safety mask too? With that covered, let us talk about exactly what you can do when you are expecting visitors on that scary night. Well, besides furniture movers Chicago to help you with the autumn downsizing, but we doubt movers would be interested in masks…

    • Costumes – Well, first off among DIY Halloween decoration ideas – decorate yourself! Halloween is all about being, objectively, quite quirky and weird, and plainly, fun. It is about letting go of the real world for a second and pretending that we live in a fantastical one where everyone can be anything, even if the accent is on something scary. So wear your masks! Make them wild! If you are together with your family or roommates, make them thematic! Have fun! You can make capes out of a piece of fabric and old clothes. With little sewing skills, some very elaborate clothing can be made. A broom can become a flying one. A stick can become a wand. Little imagination and you will be the main attraction of your own Halloween decorations!
    • Food – Food should be in the spirit of Halloween! Why not make it weird, magical, and, well, scary. Tasty, for sure, but with just a little bit of a disgusting touch. It is Halloween after all. Use a lot of pumpkins to be in the theme.
    • Balloons everywhere – Black and orange are the colors!
    • Pack a few surprises – Hide a spider in the toilet or a falling door in the door. Some scares are good scares!

Front yard Displays

What will your front porch look like first Halloween after the moving companies Park Ridge IL relocation? Well, there are a lot of ideas. First of all, pumpkins. You can never go wrong with the classic carved pumpkins that will great the guests while they approach your porch. Furthermore, make a ghost or two. These are rather easy, only requiring only that you set up a wooden frame with a broom or two and then cover it with a white sheet.

Ghosts on pumpkins
Let’s talk about lawn decorations!

of course, this is all about creativity. Do not be limited by the ideas we suggest. Go wild. Add lights under the ghosts to add the creepiness. Add tombstones, and treating messages like “Turn back”. A good scare is what adults and kids alike are really searching for on Halloween, do not be afraid to give it to them. Remember that a lot of packing supplies in Chicago can be repurposed as Halloween decoration

DIY Halloween decoration ideas do have alternatives

However, if you find yourself dumbfounded and out of ideas, consider ordering something online. Of course, we don’t mean wasting money on 400$ costumes on amazon. Rather, order something that is on Craiglist for next to free (and sometimes even actually free).

DIY Halloween decoration ideas do have alternatives - a pumpkin head
You can always order some help!

Sure, your mileage may vary, but these items ordered online can be great supplements to your own idea and a great way to get to masks and other decoration for hallowing as the day approaches and it gets ever more difficult to get your hands on good decorations.

Get ready!

Therefore, dear ladies and gentlemen, we are once again to assail the ghostly realm this Oktober. Just remember to keep in high spirits when searching for DIY Halloween decoration ideas. This is all for fun. There is nothing more than some friendly competition between neighbors here and there. The whole point is for kids to have an adventure and for adults to have fun while resting from the realities of today and focusing on fantasies of both days of yore and those of more contemporary origin. That is the best kind of advice that can be given really. Enjoy it.

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