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Many people share the misconception that relocation is just moving items from one place to another. That is why today we talk about the differences between residential and commercial moving. When you hire a professional moving company, you will be provided with a service that suits the needs of your relocation purpose. So what are some of the differences between these two types of moving? Well, to be fair, moving your household items and your office supplies and equipment will require different skills and knowledge to complete. Although the core of the service stays the same, there are many ways in which they differ.

Differences between residential and commercial moving

While the concept of these two types of relocation relatively stays the same, they differ from each other in the core purpose of relocation. So if you, for instance, plan on relocating and moving your startup business, you will have to know the difference to avoid additional stress.

Residential moving

As one of the main differences between residential and commercial moving, we have to set aside the fact that residential moving does what the name says – movers residents and their items. In this scenario, residential movers, such as residential movers Chicago, can offer services that can aid you and your family in having a positive relocation experience.

a man packing smaller cardboard boxes inside a van as one of the main differences between residential and commercial moving
Residential movers have experience with moving everything around the household

During this relocation, movers will use little-to-no heavy equipment. Unless you have heavy and bulky items to move. More importantly, residential moving does not require a larger workforce and can be done within a day in best-case scenarios. However, one of the main challenges is having to safely transport fragile and special items. Hiring a competent crew to move them to the new location without damaging them is crucial.

Commercial moving

Regardless of the size of your business, when relocating, you will opt for a commercial moving service, like commercial movers Chicago. This service provides businesses and business owners a larger workforce that shares expertise in moving offices and the following office equipment. Some of the main reasons why this type of relocation requires special expertise are:

  • Handling heavy and sensitive office equipment
  • Relocating businesses with minimal productivity loss
  • Proper coordination with the ultimate goal of moving everything safely and on time
a large truck with a white trailer on the road
Commercial movers work with heavy machines and will usually require bigger transportation vehicle

Many moving companies have a variety of team that has experience in different fields of moving. This type of moving allows people with experience to safely transport their items to a new location. This is one of the main differences between residential and commercial moving.

You must opt for a right moving crew when relocating

Regardless of if you are moving your business or a household, opting for a proper experienced moving crew is important. Especially if you lack experience with relocation. In this scenario, your best choice is opting for full-service movers. This way you will always be sure that the items are in safe hands. Moreover that they will arrive on time and intact. The main differences between residential and commercial moving are the experience they share with special items and equipment.

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