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Would you call yourself a world traveler? Or prefer traveling locally, within familiar county borders? Next time the road takes you to Chicago neighborhoods and you’re not sure what direction to take, grab a map and choose a brand new location. For all travelers in doubt, we suggest visiting two Illinois gems that might have escaped from your radar, no matter where you come from. You might even like them so much that you end up settling in the Chicago suburbs! So if the journey takes a new twist, just lay back and let Golan’s Moving & Storage take your bags. There are many must-sees out there and new roads to discover. Let’s narrow it down to Des Plaines vs Niles. Take a turn to one of these points and you’ll save time for reaching more distant places, see exiting landscapes or find yourself a new home.

Roadway landscape
Des Plaines vs Niles – a short drive away

Des Plaines vs Niles:  Trails, trains, and plains

Let’s start from the further north suburb – Des Plaines. This friendly town on a namesake river can easily become your favorite travel starting point. Positioned near two major airports, Des Plaines is frequently seen by tourists, at least on the way to their next destination. Compared to Niles, Des Plaines might already look like a winner. Why don’t you take a trip to both Chicago neighboring cities and see yourself? While you’re there in transit, take a break at one of the amazing forest parks, go shopping downtown, visit the surrounding areas, or simply enjoy the ride!

Des Plaines

Des Plaines is so well-connected with the rest of the region there’s no way to get lost and you’ll quickly get back on the initial travel track. Take a walk or a quick ride to a city center to grab a coffee or snack. Nothing is too far when you’re at this Cook County spot!
A very common means of transport is a bicycle. Numerous cycling trails will make you wish to get back to more active ways of traveling. There’s not much need to drive any vehicle here, but even if you have to, it won’t take you all day long to get where you want. If you hate daily commuting, this Chicago neighbor can be your new dream home! With its great public transport network, it takes no time to get anywhere. And don’t worry about moving commotion, Des Plaines moving company will take care of everything!

Maybe you hate commuting, but you love to travel abroad? Positioned in the vicinity of 2 airports, this Chicagoland city offers excellent connections to domestic and international destinations. The O’Hare Airport offers the most direct flights to other cities across the world and it’s less than 15 minutes driving away from Des Plaines. And if you’re not a fan of flying, taking a train at the railway station will enrich your journey for one more amazing experience.


Passengers at train station
You can reach Chicago in less than an hour long train ride

Apart from cycling trails, Des Plaines is a perfect place for other open-air activities. If you love hiking, you’ll enjoy the walking trails that lead through the forest. An amazing and affordable way to take a rest after a busy day. There are many amusing and relaxing activities Des Plaines residents can relish, thanks to the city position and community engagements. The rich green vegetation and parks nearby make travel itself through this region breathtaking.


Nestled among several beautiful forest parks lies the city of Niles. A cozy stopping station or a place to stay – it’s up to you! It won’t be difficult to figure that out once you reach Niles charming ground. It’s only around 4 miles away from Des Plaines so no excuses to skip setting off!

Niles is abundant in green sceneries to dive in and rest eyes upon. A forest, park, or hiking trails are common to find in this Chicago suburb. The tree-huggers will be thrilled to hear about city volunteering programs for preserving amazing Illinois landscapes. Greenlight for you to move in and contribute to planting trees! There are numerous green activities you can enjoy and help the community. If you’re concerned about relocating fuss, consider it done – Movers Niles IL will help you resettle and start your new life in Niles. If you wish to take a plane trip, the airports are quite close, as well as roadways and railroads. And did you know there’s a special free bus service in this friendly neighborhood?

Biker on the road throguh the forest
Set your engine for Des Plaines – Niles ride

While you’re waiting for your plane to take off, stretch your legs and admire the landmarks. There are a lot of monuments that ornate this area. If Europe is too far away, you don’t need to go to Italy to see the leaning tower. You can drive or fly to Niles and admire it right there. As opposed to Des Plaines, Niles doesn’t float on its own river, but the Chicago River touches one of the city sides. Fishing and hiking down the water are guaranteed!

Des Plaines or Niles?

It’s a tough one, as both places can brag about their strategic position and enjoyable ride through. If you still can’t make up your mind about Des Plaines vs Niles, we’re jumping in to help. Apart from enjoying their charms, these Illinois cities also make a great starting point for traveling to further destinations. If you’re a frequent traveler in a search of a new starting point, they make a perfect new home. All you need is a reliable moving agency to help you start a new journey. Though both Chicago neighbors are worth seeing, you’ll probably seal the deal with one of them. Your travel habits will now have a final say. Even though both places share great features, here’s why we find the suburb of Des Plaines slightly winning over Niles. The stronger the adventure thirst is, the more you need to meet all frequent traveler needs:

  • Positioned near three airports
  • Comparing to Niles, Das Plaines offers wider route choice for taking domestic or overseas trip
  • Great connection with the whole world and within the country
  • Located in closer vicinity of O’Hare Airport

Des Plaines vs Niles – the choice is all yours! Both will further incite your wish to see the world. Whether you are taking a break in the Cook County lands or seeking the next station to move on with your journey, it’s going to be an amazing experience.

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