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Rome wasn’t built in a day. And although Golan’s Moving and Storage can physically move your furniture across town in a few hours, it will take you much longer to properly plan for your transition.

First things first
Two months before your move, create a checklist of everything that needs to be done. If your move includes air travel, make your reservations at this time. Be sure to address repairs on your current home so it’s ready for new residents to move in.

For the record
About 90 days before you leave, begin transferring current records to your new school, doctors, vet and bank. Update friends, family, business-related contacts and the post office of your forthcoming move. It’s also a good time to lock in a date with your professional moving company such as Golan’s.

Less is more
Access what you’re taking a month prior to moving and begin dispersing items that will not make the trip. Contact local shelters or the Salvation Army to make furniture, clothing and other donations. In addition to cleaning out closets, contact your electric, gas, and cable providers to specify either a cut-off date or time to be reconnected.

Driving results
Three weeks before your move, make sure your car registration and insurance reflects your change of address. If you’re moving a long distance away, have your car serviced to avoid any bumps during your relocation.

Precious Cargo
If you have children or pets, make arrangements for them to be looked after during the actual move. Kids can be upset (or just get in the way) while pets may be traumatized or run and out and get lost when furniture is being hoisted out, so check in with babysitters and pet-sitters two weeks before the move to ensure they’re available to keep an eye on your little loved ones.

Shed items in the shed
A week before your departure, depart with storage in your shed, garage, basement, and attic. Try not to bring old junk to your new home and be merciless when it comes to discarding unused items—especially if they are hazardous such as old cans of paint and other chemicals.

Eat your heart out
Ease up on grocery shopping about five days before your move, and start eating items in your freezer and cabinets. Who knows what creative recipes you may create during this time.

Keep calm and carry on
If you are doing the packing yourself, begin this process at least four days before the move. Be as calm and as organized as possible.

Parting is such sweet soiree
Make time to bid farewell to friends. While your home may not be in a state for entertaining, you can dine out with neighbors unless they are hosting a shindig in your honor in their backyard.

The final push
Two days before you go, revisit your checklist and take care of any loose ends. Follow up on moving plans by confirming arrangements.

The eve of relocation
Moving can be exhausting, even if you have professional movers such as Golan’s. You’re bound to feel a mix of emotions that are best met with plenty of rest so go to bed early the night before your move and be sure to set your alarm so you can greet the new day and new home in a refreshed way.

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