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When moving into a new home, one of the biggest problems is the space we have available. Even if you are moving into a bigger home, there is still a need for a good furniture layout plan and an even better storage plan. Simply because otherwise, you can clutter the space unnecessarily. Moving into a larger home was the idea in the first place, and if you do not plan in advance, you can end up with the same space or even a smaller one. Therefore, today we will help you with a few closet organization ideas and storage tips. You can start implementing them as soon as your best movers in Chicago drop you off. As a matter of fact, it is highly advisable to organize right from the start. Let’s dive in!

Are you renovating or moving in?

If you are relocating from one place to another, then you must coordinate everything with your furniture movers Chicago. They must know how many pieces of furniture you possess and in which order to load them into the moving truck. Also, you should instruct your movers where each piece should go. This way you won’t clutter the space and you can set up everything as you like right from the beginning.

mover taking the couch out
Instruct your movers where to place all the furniture. Do not clutter your space anymore.

Although, if you are renovating, then it might be a bit harder to find additional space for all those items. One solution is to move everything into your garage, basement, or attic. But if you are renovating the entire home, then you should either move your belongings from one room to another or rent a portable storage unit. Those are quite lucrative and can be delivered to your home. All in all, no matter what you choose, the idea is to make more storage space and implement your ideas while renovating or moving in. If you do it right from the beginning, then you won’t have to do everything twice.

Using the vertical space is one of the best closet organization ideas and storage tips

When talking about closet organization ideas and storage tips, one of the best is to utilize all the vertical space you have. You must maximize your space if you want to store all your lovely garments and accessories. So, the ideal solution is to install vertical bars on all horizontal areas in your closet. You can even do it out in the open if you have a closet room. Of course, you must maintain and clean it regularly if you do so. But it should be enough to have vertical metal rods in each closet compartment. You can even add them to the sides of the closet and on the door if you have one. This way you will have a nice view without moving too many pieces around when you are choosing what to wear.

using vertical space is one of the best closet organization ideas and storage tips
Use all the vertical space available. You will notice the difference right away.

Lastly, if you dedicate one part of your closet for hanging items only, then you should install rods in rows. Start at the ceiling and move all the way to the bottom. There should be enough space for three rods that can cover most of your hanging clothes.

The power of cardboard boxes and plastic bins

Now, we must tell you all about the boxes and the way they can improve your storage space. And not only in your closet. You can implement this tactic in any area of your home. If you think smart, you can utilize enough space as if having an additional room. Although you won’t see it that way, but you will definitely feel the vibe of the open and clean space you have in your home. Therefore, check out the leftover moving boxes Chicago you possess. You surely kept some of them after your relocation. If not, you can purchase all shapes and sizes at the nearest home depot. The same goes for plastic bins, wooden baskets, and metal containers. Although, those materials are a bit more expensive.

It would be best to stick with a cardboard box or plastic bins. The idea is to keep all your small pieces of clothing inside and store them in easily accessible areas. Usually, there is a lot of space at the bottom of each closet where you do not want to spend much time when dressing up. This way you can pull the box out and choose whatever you need. This is an excellent solution for belts, hats, gloves, and all other seasonal clothing. Just make sure to label each box if you are not using them often. Although, labeling is good no matter what the situation is. It is one of the best organizational ideas out there.

Focus on seasonal items

Another among the closet organization ideas and storage tips we have for you today is regarding your seasonal items. You would agree that you do not need those for at least six months of the year. So, you should use boxes and bins again and solve this problem easily. Simply clean, sort out, and pack all your seasonal clothing in boxes and store it away. Preferably somewhere out of the way so you won’t have to stumble over it while searching for everyday clothing. It would be nice if you have enough room in your wardrobe to store seasonal clothing somewhere where you won’t see them at all. Dedicate one part of your closet for those boxes and bins if possible. Also, if you have a clean and dry basement or loft, store seasonal items there. It will surely clear out the space in your closet.

winter clothes
Store your seasonal items in boxes and bins and move them out of the way.

Small but valuable closet organization ideas and storage tips

There are small but amazing solutions you might not even know about. For example, valet hooks and hangers can be quite lucrative when it comes to additional closet space. They are cheap and easily installed. If you implement just one valet hook in your closet, you can use it to hang all your scarves and clothing you intend on wearing again the same day. Or you can hang the entire garment along with a watch, valet, jewelry, and more. As for the hangers, we shouldn’t explain much. They are used in all homes every day and you can simply add more and hang everything as we explained earlier.

One more thing. You should declutter and downsize before or after the move if possible. There are surely some items you do not need anymore. Just shuffle through your possessions and donate everything you do not need anymore. The entire process will free more space than you anticipated.

Rent additional storage space if needed

Although, if you do not want to donate or get rid of any of your clothing, then you must find another solution. Renting one of the storage units Skokie is probably the best one. Many households own a storage unit for different purposes. Some store vehicles, cultivate hobbies, or simply store seasonal items and clothing. This might be a solution for you as well. It is a cheap and easily accessible service. Therefore, check out the availability and local offers and find one for you.

Now you know more about closet organization ideas and storage tips. There is surely much more out there but we will leave some for your imagination. We are sure you’ll have some wonderful ideas as well once you read our piece. Good luck and have fun renovating.

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