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You’ve landed your new job, found an excellent place to live, hired Golan’s Moving and Storage to help with the transition. Everything seems in order—except for the closet! It’s the little place where you’ve been stashing stuff. Rather than moving it ALL to your new digs, it’s best to dig through it to determine what should go with you, and what should just go.

The easiest way to assess the storage is to pull everything out. Now, put your items in piles designated for different destinations: 1) things you regularly use and must keep; 2) things you seldom use yet still need to keep; 3) things you don’t need that can be sold; 4) things you don’t use that can be donated; 5) things that don’t fit any of the above categories and must be trashed.

Put the first pile back in your closet, and when the time comes, Golan’s will move it to your new place. Put the second pile into boxes that can be easily stored in your new home. Since these items won’t be accessed often, clearly mark the boxes regarding the contents: “winter clothes”, “good china,” “gifts to regift,” you get the drift.

Your third pile takes some work. Start by bringing your things to nearby consignment shops and used book/DVD/CD stores. The former may take some time before seeing a reward, but the latter ought to offer cash on the spot. If they don’t accept your items, try to sell them in a garage/yard sale (if you’re having one) or put them into the donation pile. Other options include posting your merchandise on on eBay or Craig’s List where you can attract potential purchasers outside of your immediate area.

Make sure the contents of your fourth pile can be donated. Stained clothes and broken items are not accepted by charities. Nor are weapons—and that includes BB guns, pellet guns and arrows. Paints, fuels or solvents, newspapers and magazines should be safely thrown away. Once you have cleaned up your pile of charitable items, visit www.donationdropoff.org for a list of donation bins, donation centers and donation sites in your area.

Following these steps will give you more money and less clutter. In addition to feeling good about helping others, you’ll feel great about your new, clean closet!

For your information, there are many movers and moving companies in Los Angeles to help with your moving and storage related matters. You may contact Golan’s longdistance moving and storage for that purpose.

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