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A long time ago, many different people came to Illinois to build homes and start new lives. Over time, big cities like Chicago grew, but there are also smaller towns and countryside areas where life is quieter and more relaxed. Some places, like Chicago, are bustling with shops, theaters, and offices. On the other hand, others offer open fields, farms, and small family businesses. Every suburb, as well as Chicago, has its own special flavor. And if you are thinking of moving to Illinois, it’s a good idea to learn about these different places and weigh Chicago vs. suburban living. Knowing what each area is like can help you choose the best place for you and your family. We are here to guide you on this exciting journey, exploring different lifestyles from Chicago to suburban areas in Illinois.

Chicago: The heart of Illinois

In the heart of the Midwest lies Chicago, a sprawling city home to a rich and varied demographic tapestry. Around 2.7 million people reside here, with a blend of cultures that bring vibrancy and a unique flavor to the city. Life in Chicago is marked by a rich urban lifestyle where green parks meet towering skyscrapers. People here enjoy a plethora of dining options ranging from the world-famous Chicago-style pizza to a wide array of international cuisines.

A day in Chicago can be as lively as you want it to be; you could start your morning with a jog along the Lake Michigan shoreline and later immerse yourself in the bustling job market that sees opportunities abound, particularly in sectors like finance, engineering, and healthcare, boasting a median salary of around $55,000 annually. As the sun sets, the city’s cultural heartbeat grows louder, with theaters like the historic Chicago Theatre offering a range of performances and the Art Institute of Chicago beckoning with a rich tapestry of art from different eras and regions.

Chicago sign representing Chicago vs. suburban living
Before you make your choice between Chicago vs. suburban living in Illinois, get informed about lifestyle differences

And if you are considering using movers Chicago to relocate you here, be assured that the real estate market has something for everyone. The median home price hovers around $350,000. Among the neighborhoods to consider are vibrant Lincoln Park, which offers a mix of young professionals and families, and Hyde Park, which is a hub for intellect and culture, thanks to its proximity to the University of Chicago. All in all, Chicago offers a lively urban experience steeped in history and a range of opportunities for new and existing residents.

Suburban living in Illinois

Suburban living in Illinois offers a peaceful retreat from the bustling city life of Chicago. These areas often feature family-friendly environments with spacious homes and yards. Residents enjoy close-knit communities, good school districts, and ample recreational spaces such as parks and bike trails. Additionally, the suburbs offer a more affordable living option compared to the city, with a diverse range of housing options to suit various budgets.

Suburban area representing Chicago vs. suburban living
When thinking about Chicago vs. suburban living, take into consideration all the advantages suburb brings


Lincolnwood is a charming village just a short drive from Chicago, known for its tight-knit community and historic background. People from various backgrounds have used one of the moving companies in Lincolnwood, and now they call Lincolnwood home. This is something that adds to its rich cultural tapestry. Life in Lincolnwood offers a lot of conveniences and joys, including easy access to parks and an array of shops and restaurants to choose from. Families enjoy visits to the Lincolnwood Aquatic Center, a popular spot, especially during the summer.

When it comes to finding a place to live, Lincolnwood has a mix of housing styles, from modern condos to single-family homes with a classic touch. The village has something to suit many tastes. On average, you might find home prices hovering around the $400,000 mark, offering a range of options from the more affordable to high-end luxury homes. Lincolnwood’s real estate scenario paints a picture of a place with a rich history and all the amenities needed for a comfortable, contemporary lifestyle.


Niles is a historic village located near Chicago, offering a welcoming environment for families, couples, and singles alike. With a diverse population, it has a rich cultural background, giving it a friendly and inclusive community spirit. Living in Niles, families have access to good schools that cater to the educational needs of their children. The community centers in the area also stand as the heartbeat of Niles, offering a range of programs and activities that foster community bonds and facilitate learning and recreation for people of all ages.

Parent with children
Niles is a family-friendly community that offers great educational opportunities

The ones thinking of relocating here with one of the moving companies in Niles should know that the housing market in Niles is quite versatile. It accommodates different budgets and preferences. Whether you are looking for a cozy apartment or a spacious family home, Niles has you covered. The average home price in this serene yet vibrant village stands at around $350,000, presenting an affordable option for many while offering a high quality of life with all necessary amenities close by.


Skokie nestled just 16 miles away from downtown Chicago, carries a rich history reflected in its diverse population and the architectural styles seen throughout the village. It is known as a melting pot, where different cultures come together to form a vibrant and warm community. The lifestyle in Skokie is enhanced by an impressive array of parks, providing residents who have relocated here with one of the moving companies in Skokie IL, with great spots to relax and engage in recreational activities. The North Shore Sculpture Park, for instance, combines art and nature, offering a unique outing experience.

In the real estate sector, Skokie offers a broad spectrum of options to prospective homeowners, ranging from vintage houses to modern single-family homes. The housing market has seen steady growth, with the median home value being around $325,000. This growth reflects a balanced market that accommodates both buyers and sellers, promising a stable and welcoming environment for newcomers to the village.

Morton Grove

Morton Grove, situated close to Chicago, holds a rich historical backdrop, marked by its establishment in the 1800s and the cultural mosaic formed by its diverse populace over the years. It prides itself on its welcoming and inclusive vibe that sees a harmonious blend of different cultures and traditions. Lifestyle in Morton Grove is characterized by abundant amenities, including shopping centers, restaurants, and family-friendly environments such as parks and recreational facilities. The Harrer Pool and Oriole Aquatic Center are notable family destinations during the summer.

Cars parked in front of the restaurants
Morton Grove, a suburb of Chicago, offers all the amenities of big cities

The real estate scene in Morton Grove offers a variety of options ranging from affordable to luxury housing, accommodating everyone from first-time homebuyers to those looking to upscale. The market has been observing a positive trend, with average home prices rounding to about $400,000. When considering neighborhoods, areas near the Metra Station offer excellent connectivity to the city, making it a hot spot for newcomers relocating here with one of the moving companies Morton Grove IL. The steady market trends and welcoming neighborhoods make Morton Grove a promising choice for potential homebuyers.

Mount Prospect

Mount Prospect is a vibrant village in Illinois with a rich community background, fostering a harmonious living environment for its diverse population. Nestled in a locale that cherishes unity and inclusivity, it has cultivated a demographic landscape where various cultures coexist beautifully. Lifestyle in Mount Prospect offers a wonderful blend of opportunities for shopping and education. The Randhurst Village is a notable shopping center, providing a vast array of shopping and dining options. Additionally, the village hosts reputed educational institutions, offering a good foundation for young minds.

In the real estate spectrum, Mount Prospect presents an array of home types, including charming bungalows and spacious family homes. For those relocating here with some of the moving companies Mount Prospect IL has, and looking to buy a home here, it’s advised to keep an eye on the neighborhoods close to educational institutions and shopping centers for convenience and better resale value.


Northbrook, nestled in Cook County, Illinois, has a rich history dating back to the 1900s and has grown to house a diverse and vibrant population. The community here offers a blend of cultures, offering a rich and inclusive living environment for its residents. Residents who have used the services of one of the moving companies Northbrook IL, have a plethora of leisure activities to choose from. The village is home to beautiful parks such as the Techny Prairie Park and Fields, offering open spaces for family picnics and sporting activities, serving as a green lung in the busy village.

A house in the suburb representing Chicago vs. suburban living
Before you make your choice of Chicago vs. suburban living, get informed about suburban living in a place like Northbrook

On the real estate frontier, Northbrook presents a healthy market with a variety of housing options. From modern apartments to classic homes with yards, the choices are plenty. As of recent trends, the median home price stands at around $520,000, illustrating a market with higher-end options. Prospective buyers can find well-maintained properties showcasing a blend of tradition and modernity, ensuring a comfortable and upscale living experience.

Park Ridge

Park Ridge is a picturesque suburb located not far from Chicago. It is renowned for its strong sense of community and a population that takes pride in its rich history and well-maintained surroundings. The area is home to diverse groups of people, creating a lively and inclusive atmosphere. For families and young couples relocating here with one of the moving companies Park Ridge IL, the lifestyle in Park Ridge is certainly appealing. The suburb is endowed with high-ranking schools which promise quality education for the young ones. Recreational facilities abound, too. Centennial Park is a popular spot that offers a range of activities to keep residents engaged and healthy.

The real estate market in Park Ridge is buoyant. There is a range of housing options to suit various preferences and budgets. Current trends show a median home price in the vicinity of $500,000. If you’re considering buying a home here, looking for properties near schools and parks could be a great tip. Ensure not only a comfortable lifestyle but also a good return on investment in the future. It is a place where the old meets the new, offering a harmonious blend of historical charm and modern amenities.

Elmwood Park

Elmwood Park is a vibrant village rich in history, located at the doorstep of Chicago. It has cultivated a harmonious atmosphere over the years with a demographic mix. This adds a colorful tapestry of cultures, showcasing unity in diversity. The ones that have relocated here with movers Elmwood Park IL, certainly enjoy a lively lifestyle peppered with a variety of amenities and attractions. The well-known Elmwood Park is a go-to destination for families, offering beautiful spaces for picnics and leisure walks. Moreover, the annual Taste of Elmwood Park festival is a highlight, bringing together locals and visitors to celebrate with a feast of flavors and music.

A person sitting in the park
Elmwood Park offers a lot of outdoor activities

In the real estate domain, Elmwood Park offers promising opportunities for potential homebuyers. The housing market is diverse, featuring a range of options from historic homes to modern apartments. As per recent data, the median home price revolves around $270,000. Elmwood Park offers affordable options for many while still offering a comfortable and vibrant living experience. It stands as a village with a warm community spirit and homes that cater to different preferences and budgets.

Make your choice: Chicago vs. suburban living

Choosing Chicago vs. suburban living hinges greatly on individual preferences and lifestyle choices. The city of Chicago, with its rich cultural tapestry and dynamic urban landscape, offers a lively environment. On the other hand, suburbs promise tranquil living with a close-knit community vibe, coupled with beautiful parks and recreational facilities. As we recap the discussion, it is evident that both the city and its suburbs offer unique lifestyles. So, the vibrant city life or the peaceful suburban retreat? The choice is yours to make, with both promising a fulfilling life in their own unique ways.

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