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“OMG!” Understanding the language of teens when they are facing a move is crucial to maintain their well being. Unlike younger kids, teens must deal with more social and psychological concerns since they are at a time in their lives when they view their friends as family members which makes it harder for them to let go.

That’s why it’s best to schedule a move during the summer. It will be easier for teens to fit in (which is all-important to them) at the start of the school year. If your teen is a senior in high school, you may want to consider moving without them for one year so they may graduate with their friends—something they’ve been working towards for most of their life. To do this you’ll have to place them in a home with relatives or a close friend who is willing and able to take temporary responsibility.

But for younger teens (and tweens) who are moving with the family to the new home, it’s best to be patient and understanding to secure a healthy transition. Just as Golan’s Moving and Storage can help ease the stress and burden of moving for adults, parents can help ease the stress and burden of moving for their teens by following a few simple steps. In addition the ones posted in the previous blog about moving kids, teens require a few more considerations as noted in the word B.O.P. below.

B.id farewell to the old neighborhood, school and friends with a series of goodbye get-togethers. Long goodbyes can create closure in a gradual way. Take a lot of photos and allow your teens to exchange gifts with their friends and to bring tokens from their old life to their new home.

O.rganize times when your teen’s friends can visit them at the new house. Having your teen see their old friends in their new environment will ease the transition more than having your teen always going back to their old home and haunts.

P.articipate in new peer groups. It’s important for teens to establish a routine with new friends. Talk to your teen about joining groups that engage in activities that interest them such as sporting teams, arts organizations, community groups, local theater, animal charities, and more. Keeping busy gives teens less time to dwell over what they’ve lost, and allows them to switch gears to focus on what they’re gaining.

All these few steps can help take the drama out of moving and ease your teen into a change that will encourage them to grow.

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