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Notes on moving musical instruments

February 23, 2013

Transporting your valuable and delicate musical instruments is a song with Golan’s Moving and Storage since the Chicago moving company ...

Fetch the facts before your pet’s move

December 3, 2012

You may call your dog Fido or Rover, but who do you call when you’re relocating with your pet. Because ...

Move around Chicago via trolley this holiday

November 19, 2012

  Golan’s Moving Company in Chicago transports furniture. But who is moving you? If you’re relocating to Chicago from another ...

Move with Movies

November 10, 2012

  There’s a lot to do when relocating—even when Golan’s Chicago movers are taking care of the actual move. Records ...

Bopping a teen to their new home

October 27, 2012

“OMG!” Understanding the language of teens when they are facing a move is crucial to maintain their well being. Unlike ...

Moving can be music to your ears

October 19, 2012

Your furniture may be on Golan’s truck, but what’s on your iPod? From Sweet Home Chicago to theSuper Bowl Shuffle, ...

Moving is nothing to kid about

October 17, 2012

While Golan’s Moving and Storage can transport your valuable items and furniture without a scratch, they cannot move your most ...

More About Meow-ving Kitty

September 21, 2012

Moving with cats is more than just the physical act of transporting them from home to home (which we covered ...

Meow-ving Kitty

September 21, 2012

While Golan’s movers can safely transport your items, a purrfect move for your cat is up to you. Since most ...

Closet Case

August 29, 2012

You’ve landed your new job, found an excellent place to live, hired Golan’s Moving and Storage to help with the ...

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