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Patio furniture is an investment that should last you for at least a few years. If you own these furniture pieces, you will probably want to take them with you to your new home. In case you take good care of it and pack it properly, it will last you for more than just a few years. Your best way to move patio furniture during relocation will be to hire some professional movers Chicago. Even though moving this kind of item isn’t too difficult, there are still a few things that you need to pay attention to. We will give you some basic guidelines on how to get your patio furniture from one place to another safely.

What’s the best way to move patio furniture during relocation?

As we have said before, the easiest and safest way to move patio furniture during relocation is to hire professional help and use packing supplies Chicago. But even if you have someone else do it for you, you should be familiar with the basic step to do it.

  • Inspect your furniture
  • Give it a good clean
  • Disassemble and pack it
  • Moving
People having a party before they move patio furniture during relocation
Learn how to move patio furniture during relocation

Take a look

Outdoor furniture is used outside, as the name suggests. In case you are moving with the help of some residential movers Chicago during summer, there is a high chance that you will have some critters in your furniture. Bugs, spiders, or even wasps can be found on patio furniture. While they are not too dangerous, people who are allergic won’t remember this move as a nice experience.

Give it a good clean

This kind of furniture is exposed to sun, rain, and wind. Because of that, it will get dirty. There is no need to bring dirt from your old home into your new one. For pieces that are not that dirty, disinfectant wipes will do the trick. Dirtier pieces will need a good rinse with water. Whatever you decide to do, leave your furniture out to dry before you proceed with the next steps.

Disassemble and pack

Not all furniture pieces can be disassembled of course, but the ones you can, you definitely should take apart. The furniture piece that can always be disassembled is the glass-top table. This, alongside other pieces that have fragile parts, should always be taken apart. The breakable parts should be packed separately and wrapped in many layers of packing paper, bubble wrap, and moving blankets. If you have to work with smaller pieces, you can also add moving boxes Chicago to the combination.


Now that you have done everything else, it is time for the actual move. The majority of this type of furniture is made from wicker. Even though it is easy to carry, it has a very fragile nature. Therefore, you should not stack it or put something heavy on top of it. If you are dealing with heavy metal or wooden pieces, you should maybe hire professional movers. Apart from them being trained to do this, they also have the right tools to lift heavy items.

Picture of a wicker sofa
Wicker is a very fragile material

When you move patio furniture during relocation, the most important thing to keep in mind is to start doing it on time. If you do it in a rush, you won’t be able to go through all the steps, and you will end up damaging something. We wish you good luck!

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