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Moving of any kind is stressful, but some would argue that organizing an office relocation is even more difficult. You have all of the desks, chairs, millions of supplies, and your workers to think of. But, moving your office from Evanston to Des Plaines won’t stress you out as much with proper help. Even though Evanston and Des Plaines are a 24-minute drive apart, we would still suggest hiring professional help. We at Chicago Moving and Storage know just how much effort goes into a relocation such as this. With the help of professional moving services, you’ll be able to focus on what’s important: your workers, your projects, and your customers!

Workers in an office

Plan earlier than you think you need to

Why do we say this? We don’t mean to scare you, even a short-term plan could be effective. But, for your peace of mind, the best course of action is to plan everything out well in advance. A few months in advance, you should consider the following:

  • Moving date – A moving date is important when hiring commercial movers Chicago. They need to know when the move will take place to properly prepare.
  • A realistic time frame – It is best to consult with your movers when deciding the time frame of the relocation. With their experience and expertise, they will point you in the right direction.
  • Budget – Again, your movers will be able to tell you the most realistic budget you need for a move of this kind. We would suggest you reserve a bit of extra money just in case something unexpected pops up. It happens rarely, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.
  • Work schedule – When moving your office from Evanston to Des Plaines, it’s important to come up with a good working schedule so your workers don’t miss out on their obligations. It is much better to do a bit more work now if it means you won’t have to do it after the relocation. Or just make a tight online schedule while the move is taking place.

Visit the new office location

This step could seem redundant to you, but it makes a huge difference. It’s a good idea to visit your new office space and see if there is enough room for everything you need to relocate. Also, look at the floor plan of the office, is it too different? Unfortunately, sometimes it happens, when relocating your office, you realize the new office can’t fit the old desks, for example. This is all individual. So, if you came across a space where your employee’s desks can’t fit no way you place them, it’s time to search elsewhere.

Really try to keep in mind everyone’s different needs, and your Evanston moving company can help you with this. You don’t want to place your workers so close to each other that they get stressed due to no personal space. When you find the right new office you’ll see how worth it everything was. Be persistent and the perfect office will come your way!

A corporate office space
Seeing your new office space in real life might just make or break your decision to move your office there.

Change addresses before the final move

The thing with changing addresses is that it’s a lot of bureaucracy and paperwork. You will likely need to spend a lot of time and energy getting this done, so our suggestion is that you do it sooner rather than later. Encourage your employees to do the same for the smoothest commercial moving process from Evanston to Des Plaines.

Move non-essential items first

This is an amazing tip to reduce downtime in the office. There are bound to be some items that aren’t as essential as others. You can create a moving team among your employees, and together you will conduct an analysis of what is essential and what isn’t. When it comes to packing, you can do it all together. But, this could increase downtime. Luckily, commercial packing services are here to help ease the burden of packing. It might not seem like it, but packing can take days and days’ worth of time.

Include your staff each step of the way

This step is the key factor in making your office relocation a success. Your staff knows their own needs best, and it can build great teamwork and trust between you and your employees. Allow them to give you their input and listen to their wishes. Be transparent and ask what they would like to change, add, or remove. Of course, your staff needs to stay realistic in their wishes, but you can easily communicate this when updating them about the moving process. Morning team meetings could incorporate 10-20 minutes of talk about the moving process. Your Des Plaines movers are always an asset, remember that! If you’re ever in trouble, don’t know what to do next, your movers are ready and waiting to give you their advice.

An office meeting
Keep your employees in the loop of all of your office relocation decisions.

What can you expect when moving your office from Evanston to Des Plaines?

Des Plaines is a welcoming town in Illinois with a population of around 59,000. It is generally considered one of the best places to live in all of Illinois, as well as an amazing location for your blooming business. If you decide to move to Des Plaines together with your business, you can expect a mix of urban and suburban. A lot of people live in tight-knit communities and there is a sense of kindness wherever you go. No matter where you set out, you will see countless restaurants, coffee shops, and kept-up parks. The area is very diverse and accepting, which contributes to its charm. For those with children, you’ll be glad to know that Des Plaines offers some high-rated public schools that your children will surely enjoy.

Well now, moving your office from Evanston to Des Plaines doesn’t sound so hard after all, does it? Good luck on your moving journey.

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