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So, you’re thinking about moving to Chicago with your family? The most populous city in the state of Illinois, and the third busiest city in the whole US, The Windy City can seem like a lot to handle at once. However, what differentiates Chicago from other American metropolises is calmness, cultural history, lots of greenery, business opportunities, and recreational activities. In this guide, we will help you choose the best suburbs to raise a family in Chicago, as there are a variety of options. In this city, there is something for everyone, so call Golan’s Moving & Storage and get started on your family journey right now!

Is Chicago family-friendly?

With a beautiful landscape, giant buildings and wonderful nature, it’s very easy to fall in love with this city. But, is it good enough to raise a family in? The answer is short and simple – yes! First of all, Chicago is a very convenient city. It has many highways which make sure that you will come to work on time and that your children will never be late for school.

highways in chicago which are very convenient and perfect for families
With Chicago’s highways, you can get anywhere in no time!

While we’re at the topic of schools, Chicago’s school district has more than 600 public elementary and high schools. The number of students who enroll in high schools in Chicago is the third-largest in the US. The situation with universities and colleges is no different, with the city being one of the world’s centers for higher education since the 1850s. Raising your children in Chicago guarantees that they will have amazing school conditions and one of the best education systems in the whole world. It can be scary for children to adapt to a new school, so make sure you and your children are prepared for such a big change.

children going to school in the best suburbs in Chicago to raise a family
Make sure you give your children the best school experience.

Apart from schooling, your children will have a lot of opportunities to do extra-curricular activities. One of the city’s main attractions is Lake Michigan which accounts for over 28 miles of Chicago’s shore and beaches. Other than the lake and numerous water sports you can enjoy there, the city is home to more than 570 parks. They spread over 800 acres of land. Just imagine a family picnic on a warm Sunday afternoon in one of the many beautiful parks. Also, there are a number of sports activities for the whole family, not just for your children.

Which suburb in Chicago is the best to raise your family in?

Now that it’s clear that Chicago is an ideal place to raise your children, it’s time to choose the suburbs that suit you the best. We shortlisted a few of the best family-friendly suburbs in Chicago and we hope that after this guide, you will pick your dream place. The only thing left is to contact your moving services Chicago and leave the rest to us!


If we’re talking about education, Evanston has no competition. The city is home to Northwestern Unviersity which is one of the world’s leading research universities. The city is located in Cook County, on the North Shore of Lake Michigan. The location of this city has many advantages, as it’s only 12 miles from Downtown Chicago, so your commute to work doesn’t require you to wake up at dawn. Another benefit of Evanston is its ethnically diverse population. Evanston is surely one of the best suburbs to raise a family in Chicago, so what’s stopping you? With the help of Evanston moving company, you will not have to worry about a thing!

Buffalo Grove

Buffalo Grove is located about 30 miles northwest of downtown Chicago. The state has praised and given awards to most of the schools in this area, so you can be sure that your children are in good hands! Additionally, this village is home to many parks and facilities for recreation. It also hosts numerous festivals, like the Farmers’ market which lasts for a whole month! For parents, there is a lovely golf course where you can relax on weekends. However, one of the best features of this area is its extremely low crime rate, perfect for moving families.

Long Grove

Long Grove is Illinois’ first historic district and definitely one of the best suburbs to raise a family in Chicago. If you’re a fan of local food and friendly neighbors, this is a place for you. With rich historical background, this city has many traditional restaurants, shops, and monuments. One of them is the historic one-lane-covered bridge, renovated recently! Long Grove hosts annual events such as a strawberry festival, chocolate festival, Irish days, Easter egg hunt, and many, many more. There is always something to do here, and you have our word that you and your family will never get bored in this city. Apart from this, there are many restaurants that serve traditional foods as well as modern recipes. And, if you like to relax with a glass of wine, wine bars and taverns are a staple of Long Grove!

children enjoying an easter egg hunt in Long Grove, one of the best suburbs in Chicago to raise a family
Your family will love the annual event and festival Long Grove has to offer.


Located in the west part of Chicago, about 28 miles away, the city of Naperville is the fourth most populous city in Illinois. Unlike the cozy and familiar atmosphere of Buffalo Grove, this city is bigger and more urbanized. When it comes to education, North Central College is a gem among American colleges. However, what makes Naperville stand out is the rich cultural history and cultural institutions you can visit. From 1999 to 2010, the Naperville Public Library has been ranked number one library in the whole of America, for middle-sized cities. Other than that, The Naperville Historic District offers a glimpse of history rarely found in the rest of the country. There is also a museum designed for children called DuPage Children’s Museum, so it’s a perfect place to visit as a whole family!

Claredon Hills

Also located in DuPage County like Naperville, Claredon Hills is a small and cozy village with about 8400 residents. Although small, this village has an atmosphere like no other! It’s a perfect getaway from the chaos of the busy Chicago streets. Claredon Hills has beautiful natural landscapes and its family-like ambiance is ideal for relaxing after work and school.






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