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Are you moving to Glenview soon, but you’re not sure which neighbour to pick? Golans Moving and Storage will help you discover the pros and cons of various neighbourhoods and make an educated choice. Settling down isn’t easy – that’s why we’ve decided to set apart a few places that have unique features. Keep in mind that you should clearly decide on which features your new neighbourhood should have, and not settle for less. To find some of the best places to live in Glenview, keep on reading! 

places to live in Glenview
There are numerous nice, comfortable, and safe places to live in Glenview.

One of the oldest places to live in Glenview: The Park

When you first start planning your relocation, you want to find reliable movers with history, like Glenview movers. If you’re similarly looking for a place to live that also has a rich history, then take a look at Glenview’s “The Park” neighbourhood. It’s situated close to the city center, and it’s religion-oriented. If you like history and art, you’ll definitely love it here! It also won’t take you a lot of time to arrive anywhere, but the parking spots might be slightly more difficult to find. 

Glenview School district 34

There are several Glenview neighbourhoods and districts, and this district is rich with schools. The schools include elementary, middle, and high schools that are all in the public sector. There are a few private schools as well, but they’re not as numerous, and they’re usually parochial schools. Search for home in this district if your primary motivator is that the schools are close to your new home. It’s a good precaution if your child walks alone to school, or if you want to drive it before or after work. 

kids in school
School district 34 is the district with the most schools in Glenview!

North Glenview

If you want to be closer to the city, consider the North part of the Glenview. It’s bordering Northbrook which has everything you might need, and you can choose between numerous Chicago area movers. If you plan on commuting for a job there or somewhere else, North Glenview gives you a nice starting point. It’s also close to the numerous parks that Glenview has. It’s a great choice if you like to go running or do a workout in the morning. 

Do you know about places to live in Glenview?

What else should you know about Glenview? 

  • There’s a nice variety of places to live in Glenview, even if it’s not a very big place. 
  • It has around 45 000 residents, and the median age is 41.5 years. 
  • It offers a close proximity to Northbrook and Chicago if you’re looking for suburban life filled with green surfaces.

 To start your life in Glenview on the right foot, you should find reliable movers to help you have a smooth transition. Give us a call and book a move of your dreams today! 

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