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Finding the right place to raise a family involves careful consideration. Safety, education, and community play crucial roles. Likewise, access to parks and recreational activities matters. These factors guide young parents in their decision-making. Additionally, affordability cannot be overlooked. Communities that offer a balance of cost and quality of life stand out. Before making the move, it’s wise to hire one of the best moving companies, as they can ensure a smooth transition to your new home. In Illinois, several areas meet these criteria. They offer vibrant communities with strong schools and family-friendly amenities. Ultimately, the best choice among the places in Illinois for young parents depends on personal preferences and priorities. Continue reading and find the perfect place to raise your family.

What is Illinois for young parents like?

Illinois offers a lot to young parents, and it truly can turn relocation into a wonderful experience. The state combines affordable living, quality education, and plenty of family-friendly activities. Here’s what makes Illinois special for families:

  • Cost of living: Compared to other states, Illinois provides affordable housing options. For example, in cities like Niles, families can find homes at prices that don’t break the bank.
  • Education: The state prides itself on its educational system. Places like Northbrook have schools that rank high nationally, ensuring children receive top-notch education.
  • Family activities: Illinois is full of parks, museums, and cultural events designed for families. The Chicago Botanic Garden in Glencoe is a fantastic place for a family day out, offering both education and fun.

Living in Illinois can make a big difference for young families. The state offers a balanced and enriching environment. It’s a place where relocation can indeed become a wonderful experience.

Best places in Illinois for young parents

For young parents, finding the best place to live in Illinois involves careful consideration. While avoiding the most common packing mistakes is important, choosing the right community for your family is even more crucial. Illinois offers a variety of locations that cater to the needs of young families, providing a balance of education, safety, and recreation.

A father and child
Find a good place for your children to live in

Firstly, Mount Prospect shines with its excellent schools and family-friendly parks. It’s a place where education and outdoor activities merge perfectly. Then, there’s Niles, known for its affordability and safety, making it a great choice for those watching their budget. Additionally, Lincolnwood attracts young families with its proximity to Chicago, offering the perks of city life without the hustle and bustle. But these are not the only places that are great for families since there are many more. Each of these places provides a unique set of advantages. Whether you’re looking for top-rated schools, affordable living, or access to city amenities, Illinois has a spot that meets your family’s needs.


Living in Northbrook, IL, offers families upscale living and high-quality housing. For example, the average cost for a spacious home in a beautiful neighborhood can range around $500,000. This ensures you get value and comfort in one package. Moreover, if you’re planning your move, choosing one of the moving companies Northbrook IL, can make the transition smooth and worry-free. Northbrook is also known for its top-rated schools. Maple School, for instance, is celebrated for its robust academic programs and wide range of extracurricular activities. This provides a nurturing environment for your children’s growth and learning.

A kid at school located in one of the best places in Illinois for young parents
Northbrook is one of the best places in Illinois for young parents because of its education system

Furthermore, the town boasts an array of parks, sports facilities, and leisure options. Whether it’s a weekend family picnic at Techny Prairie Park and Fields or a soccer match, there’s always something to keep the whole family engaged and active. Cultural events and community engagement opportunities abound in Northbrook. The Northbrook Public Library hosts events year-round, from book readings to cultural festivals, fostering a strong sense of community. It’s not just about finding a place to live; it’s about becoming part of a vibrant, supportive community.


Choosing Skokie, IL, for your new home offers an experience rich in diversity and cultural inclusivity. This welcoming atmosphere makes it easier for young parents using one of the moving companies in Skokie, IL, to feel at home. Skokie is known for its excellent educational options. Fairview South School, for example, is highly regarded for its strong academic programs and supportive environment. Both public and private schools here aim to provide quality education that meets every child’s needs.

The village also thrives as a hub for family-friendly shopping, dining, and entertainment. Westfield Old Orchard is a shopping center where families can enjoy a day out, offering a variety of stores, eateries, and a cinema. It’s perfect for leisurely weekends. For health and wellness, Skokie does not disappoint. With facilities like the NorthShore University HealthSystem, residents have access to top-tier healthcare services. This includes hospitals and clinics equipped to take care of you and your family’s health needs. In summary, Skokie, IL, presents a vibrant community where education, entertainment, and health services contribute to a high quality of life.

Mount Prospect

Mount Prospect, IL, is a gem for families looking for a blend of suburban tranquility and city accessibility. Experts, including movers Mount Prospect, often recommend this area for its excellent transportation links to Chicago. This makes commuting a breeze for those working in the city. The quality of local schools here is another highlight. Schools like Prospect High School are known for their strong academic programs and wide range of extracurricular activities. This ensures your children receive a top-notch education within a supportive community.

A family having picnic in one of the pest places in Illinois for young parents
Enjoy weekend picnics with your family in Mount Prospect’s parks

For outdoor lovers, Mount Prospect does not disappoint. The Randhurst Village is a perfect spot for family outings, offering shopping, dining, and entertainment options. Meanwhile, Lions Park is a popular choice for picnics, playground fun, and water activities in the summer, making it a hit with kids and adults alike. Community events and family-friendly activities are abundant in Mount Prospect. The annual Summer Festival at Melas Park is a must-visit, featuring carnival rides, live music, and fireworks. Such events provide a great opportunity to connect with neighbors and immerse yourself in the local culture.


Niles, IL, is an attractive option for young families looking for a place to call home. For example, movers Niles IL, often highlight the area’s affordable housing options. For instance, you can find lovely family homes starting at around $250,000. This makes Niles a financially accessible option for many. Safety is a top priority for any family, and Niles shines in this aspect. With crime rates significantly lower than the national average, you can feel secure in your community. This peace of mind is priceless for parents.

A family at home in one of the best places in Illinois for young parents
Niles is one of the best places in Illinois for young parents because of its affordability

Niles also excels in providing convenient shopping, ample amenities, and reliable childcare services. For outdoor fun and activities, Grennan Heights Park is a local favorite. It boasts playgrounds, sports fields, and picnic areas, perfect for kids to play and explore. This park is just one example of how Niles caters to families looking for a balanced and active lifestyle. In summary, Niles, IL, offers a combination of affordability, safety, and community amenities that make it an ideal place for young families to settle down.


Lincolnwood, IL, offers families the unique advantage of being close to Chicago’s vast resources while maintaining a calm, suburban feel. This balance is perfect for those who want the best of both worlds. The schools in Lincolnwood are a major draw for young families, which is why they may decide to hire one of the moving companies in Lincolnwood. Lincoln Hall Middle School, for example, is renowned for its excellent educational programs and dedicated staff. This commitment to quality education ensures children have the best start in life.

The community vibe in Lincolnwood is warm and welcoming. Family-oriented events, like the annual Turkey Trot, bring residents together for fun and fellowship. These events are a testament to the tight-knit community spirit that defines Lincolnwood. Moreover, access to healthcare and pediatric services is convenient. Presence Saint Francis Hospital, located just a short drive away, offers a wide range of healthcare services, including specialized pediatric care. This ensures that families have easy access to medical care when they need it. In conclusion, Lincolnwood stands out as a peaceful suburb with easy access to urban amenities, excellent schools, a strong community feel, and reliable healthcare services. It’s an ideal place for families looking to settle in a location that offers both tranquility and convenience.

Morton Grove

Morton Grove, IL, is a vibrant community with much to offer families, especially those looking for outdoor adventure and a strong sense of community. And this is one of the main reasons young families choose movers Morton Grove IL, and decide to relocate here. For instance, the Miami Woods offers miles of trails and picnic areas, perfect for family outings and connecting with nature. The village also prides itself on excellent educational resources and libraries. The Morton Grove Public Library is a hub for learning and community activities, offering programs for children and adults alike.

Parents teaching a daughter how to ride a bicycle
Many families choose Morton Grove because of its safety record

Morton Grove offers a variety of dining and shopping options for families. But one of the major draws is that safety is a top priority in Morton Grove. The village boasts low crime rates, making it a secure environment for families. This, combined with the neighborly atmosphere, ensures that residents feel part of a close-knit community. In summary, Morton Grove is excellent for families seeking outdoor activities, educational opportunities, and a safe, welcoming community. Its blend of nature, culture, and safety makes it a standout place to live.

Pick one of the best places in Illinois for young parents to feel at home

It is certain that there are many places in Illinois for young parents. It offers a diverse array of communities that cater to the needs and aspirations of young parents looking for the perfect place to call home. From the tranquil suburbs of Morton Grove, with its abundant outdoor spaces and commitment to safety, to the vibrant, family-friendly atmosphere of Skokie, each area presents unique advantages. The excellent schools in Northbrook, affordable housing in Niles, and the cultural richness of Lincolnwood showcase Illinois’s ability to meet various family needs. Moreover, the accessibility and community spirit of Mount Prospect underline the state’s appeal. Each location provides a supportive environment for young families to grow, thrive, and feel at home, making Illinois a top choice for those seeking a balance of quality living, education, and community engagement.

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