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Moving to a completely unknown city can cause anxiety. Especially if you are moving on your own, this can get even worse. You will feel like a deer in headlights, not knowing anything or anyone. The best thing you could do is to pick a place that is acceptable to newcomers and friendly. The best thing to do to have an easy relocation is to hire some professional movers Chicago. If you decided that you want Chicago to be your next home, check out our guide on which are the best parts of the city. We will give you a list of the best places in Chicago for a fresh start.

General information about places in Chicago for a fresh start

Chicago is a city that is widely known by its nickname – The City in a Garden. It is home to 2.7 million residents and that number is growing thanks to many residential movers Chicago. Apart from skyscrapers and deep-dish pizza, this city is famous for:

  • Rich history
  • Culture
  • Amazing art
  • Delicious food
  • Friendly people

Chicago also has very harsh winters, which makes the warm summers feel even more amazing. If you pick one of the best Chicago neighborhoods for newcomers, the friendliness of the locals will keep you warm and happy during every season.

Picture of cardboard boxes
Friendly people in this city will keep you warm during its harsh winter

Check out Gold Coast, one of the best Chicago neighborhoods for newcomers

This Chicagoan neighborhood is very small, and only a few lucky people can call it home after moving here using packing supplies Chicago. It is also an accomplishment to afford living here. Gold Coast is a prestigious neighborhood that is located a mile away from downtown and is rich in history and culture. Since it is a small neighborhood, it is close-knit and people are friendly to newcomers. The majority of people living here are young professionals who like living in one of the historically richest places in the whole state.

Enjoy the greenery of Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park is named after the biggest park in this city, and it’s considered to be the most desirable place to live. It is like that for a good reason. It has a Lakeview and it’s only a mile away from downtown. If you like being outside or just enjoying the greenery, you will love this neighborhood with easy access to Lincoln Park, an 8km long green space. The biggest benefit to this neighborhood apart from friendly people is its safety. Crime rates are very low, which makes it an amazing place to raise a family, while not having to give up the good sides of living in a city.

West Loop, one of the best places in Chicago for a fresh start

This neighborhood is for Chicago like Brooklyn is for New York. When you think about West Loop, think of exposed brick decor and amazing views. This former industrial part of the city is now a place with high-end amenities, that just keeps getting more residential buildings, restaurants, and job opportunities. If you are a young professional looking to live in a luxurious part of the city and have friendly neighbors, start packing those moving boxes Chicago and become part of West Loop.

Picture of a brick wall in one of the best places in Chicago for a fresh start
If exposed brick is something that you like seeing, you will have plenty of it in West Loop


Apart from being some of the best places in Chicago for a fresh start, the boroughs listed above are also some of the best in the city according to other criteria. The safety, affordability, and amenities these neighborhoods offer make them stand out from the rest of the city. If you want to learn more and look for desirable places to live in Chicago, check out the city’s official website. We wish you good luck and a successful move!

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