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Living a family life is a shared goal for most people. However, many people have different views on what makes a perfect family life. One thing is certain, finding a perfect suburb, town, or city to live in with your family is something everyone strives for. In this article, we will talk about places for families in Cook County. We hope to give you a good insight into these suburbs and areas, showing you all the advantages of each one. Moreover, hiring professional movers Chicago is a good way to ensure your items arrive safe and you have a good relocation experience. The best way for you to devote yourself to your family during the relocation period is to let others do the work for you.

Places for families in Cook County you should consider

With over 40% of the Illinois population living there, Cook County is the second-most populous county in the United States. Moreover, this makes it one of the most populated counties in the state of Illinois. The county has over 5 million residents with a median household income of about $46.000. Most of the water in this county is from Lake Michigan which spread on the northeastern parts of the state. In the following list we will share some of the places you might want to live with your family in:

  • Wilmette
  • Glenview
  • Evanston
  • Kenilworth
  • Northbrook
parents teaching their daughter to ride a bycicle in one of the best places for families in Cook County
The key to a good family-oriented lifestyle is living in a nice suburban area that offers a variety of activities

Because you are moving in with your family it is important that these areas have good schooling systems and are safe for your family.


Wilmette is a suburb in Cook County with about 27 thousand residents. According to many polls, this is one of the best places for families in Cook County because it offers a dense suburban feel. Moreover, many residents in this area own their homes instead of renting them. The public school system in this suburb is highly rated. However, most of the population consists of retirees. Most of the residents boast having a masters degree or higher and having a median household income of about $154.000. Wilmette is also home to several shopping centers, museums, and the Bahai National Spiritual Assembly, which is one of the “Seven Wonders of Illinois”.


Glenview is an incorporated village in Cook County, IL. It has just over 47.000 residents and what was once farmland is now a great suburb for a family lifestyle. One of the oldest neighborhoods in the area is called “The Park” and it was established by a religious society in 1899. The median house income in this part of the county is higher than the national average with about $491.000 per year.

a woman with her baby walking on a hiking trail
There are many different outdoor activities to indulge in with your family in Glenview

There are two public pools, two golf courses, a tennis park and a variety of different sports recreations. This makes Glenview a perfect place for families who wish to indulge in sports activities at any time of the year. Moreover, by hiring Glenview moving companies you ensure that you have a positive relocation experience.

Best places for families in Cook County – Evanston

The city of Evanston is a perfect place for young professionals who wish to pursue their careers atop their family life. Situated on the northern shores of Lake Michigan the city of Evanston is just 12 miles away from downtown Chicago. This is one of the main reasons it attracts many young people into this area, besides offering them a variety of career options to choose from. Moreover, because there are many younger generations in the area the city is vastly known for its social liberal politics and ethnic diversity. You may also find a variety of different schools to attend in the area. The average median household income is around $78.000. If you need help moving to Evanston consider hiring Evanston movers to help you with everything you need.


One of the newest suburban communities on the North Shore, Kenilworth is approximately 15 miles away from downtown Chicago. It has a population count of 2.500 residents and it is one of the planned communities in the county. In 2018. Kenilworth was one of the wealthiest Mideastern US communities and eight wealthiest community in the whole United States. The average median household income is about $1.130.000 making it almost 10 times larger than the national average.

a mother holding her daughter while looking at the sunny field
Due to the rural environment of the area, you will be able to enjoy outdoor fun activities with your family

The area shares more of a rural feel to it. However, most of the houses are owned instead of rented. It has a good public school system and is in sixth place of best places to raise a family in. You can find sports events, clubs, cultural activities and much more in this area.


On the northern edge of Cook County, you will find one of our last best places for families in Cook County. Northbrook is a suburb on the border of Lake County. The population of the area is around 33.000 residents. It has a dense suburban feel to it in which most people own their own homes. The median house income in this part of the county is around $530.000. There is a variety of different schools in the area. Moreover, most of the population has a bachelor’s degree of some sort, while those with a master’s degree are slightly behind. It is connected to downtown Chicago with a metro station. So going to work in Chicago will not be that difficult if you do not want to use the car. If you require assistance with relocation, consider hiring moving companies Northbrook, IL to help you relocate with ease.

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