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Best places for commuting to the Windy City

Relocation is a great opportunity for people who wish to change their life pace. Moving to a new area will allow you to choose how you want to live in the future. Some people enjoy living in big cities and having everything in their neighbourhood. However, some enjoy more peace and quiet – a slow-paced lifestyle in a peaceful environment. Regardless of what your choice is, hiring a professional moving company in Chicago is a great way to have a positive relocation experience. In this article, we will talk about some of the best places for commuting and living in the Chicago area. Moreover, we will mostly focus on suburban areas that allow residents to live a peaceful lifestyle but be relatively close to the city.

Places for commuting that provide a peaceful lifestyle

The city of Chicago is home to many different cultures. With those cultures come different advantages. You will find a variety of restaurant chains, museums, malls, and beautiful architecture on almost every corner. However, although the city has a lot to offer, many people find it difficult to live in a crowded and fast-paced environment. So, how do you combine a peaceful lifestyle with an ability to experience everything people from the heart of the city do? One way to do so is to consider some of the suburban areas of the city to live in. The areas we will talk about are relatively close to downtown Chicago and are one of the best places to live if you want to avoid an everyday rush in Chicago.

an aerial view of the city of Chicago as one of the best places for commuting in Illinois
The city of Chicago has many suburban areas and they are all well-connected via public transportation
  1. La Grange
  2. Wilmette
  3. Glenview
  4. Evanston
  5. Deerfield
  6. Elmhurst

1. La Grange

The area of La Grange is on the list of one of the top 20 places to easily commute in Chicago. The suburb itself has a small-town charm and is considered a very walkable community. Its location is on the western part of Chicago and, atop of being one of the best places to live in the city, can offer different options regarding dining, entertainment, and shopping. Because residents have easy access to the Metra train it is one of the most transit-friendly suburbs of Chicago. The average commute to downtown Chicago is approximately 25 minutes. Moreover, this area is on top of the affordable charts when it comes to living in Chicago. The average median home price range is about $440.000.

2. Wilmette

If you are someone who enjoys nature and water activities this is the perfect place for you. Wilmette is a pleasant and walkable downtown area that is famous for its top-notch schools. The main source of transportation, when it comes to connectin with Chicago, is the train. However, the area is known for many three-lane roads, hiking and biking trails that are connected to the train station.

a panoramic view of the city of Chicago with two people riding bicycle near Lake Michigan
Wilmette is a perfect area for those who wish to indulge in activities like biking and hiking

It will take you approximately 30-35 minutes to get from Wilmette to downtown Chicago. If you are considering moving to this suburb, you can hire movers Niles IL to help you. Because of the location of the Wilmette suburb, it is one of the best places for commuting in Windy City.

3. Best places for commuting in Chicago – Glenview

Are you looking to live in a big-city alike area without actually having to move through crowds on a regular basis? If so, Glenview will offer you just that. For instance, this area is ideal for people who would love to live in a more urban area that is very city-like. Moreover, there are two main ways in which you can get to the city of Chicago from Glenview. One is via train and the other one is via a car on the interstate that is connecting to the city of Chicago. The approximate commute time is about half an hour. If you, however, prefer another form of transportation, you can always decide to go via bus, which has about eight routes intersecting the suburb. Moreover, Glenview is a perfect place to move with a family as it offers a variety of family fun activities.

4. Evanston

Evanston is a suburb area on the coast of Lake Michigan. It is close to Skokie and Wilmette suburbs. More importantly, commuting from Evanston to downtown Chicago is a breeze, to say the least. An average car commute will take about 30 minutes of your time. However, if you do not prefer driving, you have a lot of options regarding public transportation to get you to where you want.

a woman sitting in an empty train wagon
The city of Chicago offers the residents of its suburban areas a variety of different bus and train routes on a daily basis

For those who wish to indulge in biking while going to the train station, you can take advantage of biking trails that lead to the station. More importantly, the train stations have bike parking options so you can safely store your bike until you return. If you think Evanston is the place for you, hire movers Skokie to help you relocate everything you need.

5. Deerfield

Just 25 miles north of Chicago, sharing both Lake and Cook County borders, lays Deerfield. This area is home to several larger corporations which makes it perfect for those who wish to pursue their career. However, commuting to downtown Chicago will take about one hour of your time. The main source of transportation is the Metra train. Deerfield is also home to wonderful schools which also makes it a great place to start or move with a family. Moreover, with a median house price of $470.000 buyers can hope to get their money worth as it is relatively close to the city.

6. Elmhurst

Finally, as one of our last best places for commuting in Windy City, we talk about Elmhurst. A perfect blend of a suburban area with an easy commute to the centre of the city. An average commute will take you about 27-30 minutes on a regular basis. On top of that, you will be able to enjoy different options when it comes to public transportation. The best part about this area is that it is very pedestrian and bike-friendly with many amenities to see and visit in the area.

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