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Have you decided to move to Chicago, but you’re not sure when’s the right time to start? Luckily, many affordable movers Chicago offers are ready to give you advice on the matter. No one wants to start their relocation process only to realize that they are too late, and have to perform a miracle. Those kinds of situations sometimes seem insurmountable. That’s why you should start preparing as soon as you can! The best packing timelines take into consideration possible inconveniences, so that last-minute stresses can be avoided. Let’s find out how to structure your relocation timeline to make it ideal for your needs!

best packing timeline
The best packing timeline includes leaving the time to solve inconveniences!

Start preparations as soon as you can

  • Do the research – Sit at your computer and research everything you need to know about Chicago, its facilities, roads, and more. 
  • Find movers –  Take your time to find the best moving company that fits your needs. Send out free quotes and find the company that’s right fit!
  • Book a date – Book your moving date as soon as you know when you’ll be able to move. The earlier you book the date, the more chances you’ll have to book exactly that day that you want. 
  • Find insurance – Don’t skip over insuring your items. Inconveniences happen, so don’t overlook them and take them into account. 
  • Make a list – Use the lists to make an inventory, and to-do lists to keep your relocation organized. 

Best packing timeline includes decluttering

After you’ve finished initial preparations, start decluttering to make your relocation to Chicago easier. This should be happening at least two months before the relocation to achieve the best packing timeline. That way, you have time to get rid of the items that you don’t want anymore. Place the items online for sale or donate them! It will take a lot of time to go through all of the items and decide which ones are ready to get thrown out, and which ones you won’t let go of. The process might take longer, but it’s worth it. You’ll be able to lessen your moving costs and it will take you less time to pack the items. 

To have the best packing timeline, start packing a month in advance

  • Get packing materials – Take a look at the numerous packing supplies Chicago offers. You’ll find that you can procure materials in a variety of ways. Firstly, you can get them at DIY stores or order from the stores online. Secondly, you can also rent them from the movers. You should have your packing materials prepared at least a month before the relocation. 
cleaning windows
Clean your home thoroughly a few days before you move.
  • Pack your items – Take your time to pack the items well. Finish packing one to two weeks before the move. Leave out only the necessities which you will pack over time, as you near your relocation.

Last preparations before the move

  • Call the movers to check the time – Call your moving company to double-check the time of the move. Do this a week before the move. You’re nearing the end of your best packing timeline.
  • Cancel utilities – Don’t forget to transfer your utilities to your new home
  • Clean your home -To clean your home, you can call cleaning services or do it yourself. Either way, it will take some time so make sure to place your packed boxes strategically somewhere they won’t get in the way.
  • Pack your moving day bag and clean the fridge – Pack the moving bag with your necessities for the trip a day before the move. Clean the fridge the night before, and wrap it in bubble wrap. 

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