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Are you moving to Chicago? Trying to find the best place for you and similar millennials? Then you are in the right place! Golan’s Moving & Storage is here to help you! In this article, we take a look at two of the best neighborhoods for millennials in Chicago – Elmwood Park and Lincolnwood. Find out what makes them the perfect places for life!

Elmwood Park is one of the best neighborhoods for millennials in Chicago

Officially, Elmwood Park, IL is a village in Cook County. With the population of around 24,883 – it is the perfect size for anyone looking to make new friends! The community all has a lot of diversity, which makes it quite popular with millennials. The population is mostly Italian-American, but there are also many Polish-American and Hispanic residents.

Elmwood Park is one of the favorite Chicago neighborhoods for millennials.

One of the major things that might make you rethink calling your movers Elmwood Park IL is the median home price of $247,700. This can be quite steep, but many fight it by renting apartments and finding roommates. Since this has never been a problem for millennials, then you should fit right in the village! The short commute time to downtown Chicago vie metro makes this mostly residential place perfect for those studying or working in the city!

If you crave something smaller, then head to Lincolnwood!

Formerly called Tessville, Lincolnwood, IL is another small village in Cook County, only 11 miles away from the city. However, it a bit smaller than its neighbor Elmwood, with only 12,590 people living here at the 2010 census. Similar to Elmwood, though, there is good diversity here as well. Although almost 70% of people are white, there is almost 30% Asian population, too.

What can prompt you to call moving companies in Lincolnwood is median income. In 2008, an average household would earn around $85,000, while an average median income for a family was $128,437. And even though Lincolnwood is quite small, there are multiple neighborhoods dividing it. We encourage you to explore it in order to find the best place for you.

Do not stop exploring the Chicago area!

Just like with Lincolnwood, we encourage you to explore the whole Chicago area as well. The city is huge, and the surrounding area is even bigger! There are many amazing neighborhoods for millennials in Chicago to discover – so make sure you either venture out and search for them, or explore the internet for fun facts about them.

Chicago skyline
The Chicago area is huge – and we encourage you to explore it!

After that, make sure you reach out to us! We are professional movers as well as offer amazing storage services in the Chicago area! Let us help you move to the neighborhood of your dreams with ease and hassle-free!

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