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When you are thinking about where to move to, you will feel intimidated. If you want to stay in the USA, you might not have the whole world to choose from, but there still will be many options. And if you downsize your search to just one state, there will still be plenty of cities, towns, and villages. If Illinois has caught your eye, we are here to tell you that it is a good choice. Since it is one of the bigger states in the USA, there will be many places to consider, even just Chicago. But there is only one sure option when it comes to picking movers, Golan’s Moving and Storage. In this guide, we will help you find some of the best locations in Illinois for young couples.


This suburb of the capital, Chicago. There is no need to say why a suburb of the capital is great for young couples. When young, people want to have fun and work on their careers. Glenview offers that and all you have to do is hire some Glenview moving companies and get here.

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The best locations in Illinois for young couples are in Chicago

Elmwood Park

This is another suburb of Chicago with a population of 24,000 residents. This liberal part of the city is great for young couples who want to raise children here after moving with some movers Elmwood Park IL. Elmwood Park is a diverse neighborhood that will make you feel accepted in no time.


Another suburb of the capital, but it is significantly smaller than the previous ones. But its small size doesn’t stop it from having some of the best movers Lincolnwood IL. About 12,000 residents call this suburb home, and many of them are retired people. If you are part of a young couple that enjoys slow living and a calm environment, this is right for you.

Park Ridge

The main reason why this Chicago suburb is on our list is the highly rated schools. Young couples are a step away from having kids, so this should be one of your things to think about when moving with some movers Park Ridge IL. Apart from that, there are also many job opportunities and plenty of things to do. A perfect choice no doubt.

Morton Grove

The residents of this place think that it is the best place to live in the whole state. But you won’t know that until you take the leap and hire some movers Morton Grove IL and come here. A big part of the population here owns their homes, which shows that people that come here decide to stay. The housing prices are affordable, which only attracts people even more.


Life in this suburb offers a dense feel due to the 33,000 residents living here. Highly rated schools help families with kids pick this place as their new home, but there are also many retirees living here. This only shows the positive livability and safety of this place. And to make things better, they also have some of the best movers Northbrook IL. But you won’t know until you come here.

Picture of school kids living in some of the best locations in Illinois for young couples
School should be important if you have kids

When thinking about the best locations in Illinois for young couples, keep in mind that people are different, and so are their needs. Some couples want peace, while others need a lively place to live in. One thing is for sure, everybody will want to avoid moving day stress, and hiring movers will help you with that. Good luck!

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