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When relocating home, we want to find a perfect balance ad make sure all family members have everything they need. And before you can start packing and searching for Glenview moving companies to assist you, you should research online and find several neighborhoods to look at. And your hunt for a perfect home becomes much harder when you are looking for a pet-friendly neighborhood. Luckily, there are quite a few Illinois places for pet owners we know about. Let us share some of our knowledge and find the best one for you.

Elmwood Park is the first among the Illinois places for pet owners we can recommend

Let us begin with one of the best Illinois places for pet owners! It is the lovely Elmwood Park. Located only about 10 miles away from Chicago, it makes it convenient to take your pet with you even if you are visiting the big city. Elmwood Park is family-friendly and most of the residents own their homes. Obviously, with many family houses with kids, there is plenty of room for pets. Also, homes are spacious and affordable, and most of them have huge yards. Again, something your pet would love. Lastly, the whole neighborhood is open for walking with your pets. There are enough green areas, parks, and pet-friendly establishments for you to spend quality time at.

two dogs playing in the woods
Your pets will love Elmwood Park’s great outdoors.

The proximity to Chicago opens many possibilities. And even if you do not have your personal vehicle, commuting in Elmwood Park is extremely easy. Twenty minutes by bus and you are there. Although, it might be a problem if you have a large pet with you. Some transporters won’t allow pets on their buses. That might be the only downside of this story. But if you like it so far, check what your movers Elmwood Park IL have to offer and start heading there today!

Heading straight to Lincolnwood IL

Cook County IL is full of pet-friendly cities, townships, and neighborhoods. Most of them host numerous parks, playgrounds, and pet-friendly establishments. And one of the places that stand out is Lincolnwood IL. With around 13k residents, this is a tightly knit and welcoming community. Obviously, such a place is perfect to raise a family and have a bunch of kids and pets. And becomes easy once you realize you are surrounded by parks and similar places where you can take your pet for a walk.

If you ever get bored of the same routine, you should check out the Navy Pier or the Lakefront trail. Take your pet and the entire family on a pet-friendly cruise along the shoreline. You can do this no matter where you live but it can be something you can do once a month if you live nearby. So, check the availability of your movers Lincolnwood IL and start packing today. The amazing Lincolnwood awaits.

Park Ridge is our next pick

Before you contact your movers Park Ridge IL, you should know why this is one of the best Illinois places for pet owners. It is just another peaceful and quiet place perfect for families with kids and pets. And it is exactly why topped the charts when it comes to pet-friendly neighborhoods. It is slightly bigger than Lincolnwood and it has three times the body count. Although, it is still quiet, safe, and full of pet-friendly coffee places, restaurants, parks, and other places where you can take your pet to. Especially if you walk over to the Downtown area. It is actually called “Uptown” and it is full of mesmerizing parks and other pet-friendly establishments.

two dogs playing by the river
Des Plaines River trail is something worth checking out. Your pet will love it!

After you figure out all the points of interest in Uptown, check out the Des Plaines River trail and you’ll simply fall in love with it. A perfect spot for exercising and taking your pet for a walk. All in all, you’ll be surrounded by nature which is exactly what you need when looking for a pet-friendly neighborhood.

Morton Grove will be great for your pets

Even though it is exactly the same as the Lincolnwood, we must give it an honorable mention. The Village of Morton Grove is another tightly knit and welcoming community full of parks and green areas. You must check Harrer Park as it is a perfect place for your pets and kids to have fun in. If you never played Pickleball, now is the chance to do it. On the other hand, we have several diners, coffee places, and malls to which you can take your pet to. Just remember, take a tag for your pet before you enter a mall with them. A designated tag is working like a pass for your pet to all pet-friendly establishments. This system is well known all over Illinois. Remember to honor it.

A person playing with pets in Morton Grove as it is one of the best Illinois places for pet owners
Morton Grove is full of green areas for you and your pets to enjoy.

Morton Grove is truly a wonderful place for families with pets. Take a look at it online and once you see nature, you’ll wish to become a part of it. Call your movers Morton Grove IL today and make this happen.

Northbrook is another among the Illinois places for pet owners you should check out

We will finish our journey at the Township of Northfield and the Village of Northbrook. As we have said before, Cook County is full of small villages and townships that are pet-friendly and perfect for you and your family as well. With around 30k residents, exemplary schools, amazing job opportunities, and fairly cheap living, this makes it a perfect place to settle in with your family. As for your pet, they will love it here more than you think. Check it out and pay close attention to the Village Green Park and the River Walk. It is time to live a healthier and happier life with your pet and your family. All you have to do is contact movers Northbrook IL and you can start the new chapter in a matter of days.

Now you know all about the best Illinois places for pet owners. There are quite a few more but we had to keep it short and simple. At least now we expanded your views and you can continue searching for the perfect place to move with your pet. And how to get there you might ask? We recommend contacting Golan’s Moving & Storage and obtain the best moving service in Illinois. Good luck with your move!

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