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It is time to find a family-friendly neighborhood to raise children in peace. Searching for safe neighborhoods with all amenities one family needs can be quite difficult. Especially when you must juggle between a job and toddlers. On top of it, you must prepare for the relocation, pack, appoint an adequate budget, and hire reliable movers such as Golan’s Moving & Storage company to relocate you safely. But before you do that, let us find one of the Illinois locations for families with young children. A place where your kids can have a wonderful childhood and feel safe at the same time. Let’s dive right in.

Glenview is the first place worth checking out

We will start strong by visiting Glenview. This place is one of the safest in Illinois. It is 70% safer than any other place in the state and it is highly ranked throughout the years on numerous lists of safest neighborhoods in the entire US. You’ll face an environment where you can live peacefully without ever facing a single crime. It goes up to a point that it can be even boring how peaceful and quiet it is. Although, this does not mean there is nothing to do.

Family on the street as a symbol of one of Illinois locations for families with young childre
Glenview is the safest place for you and your children.

Glenview is simply designed to accommodate families with children, and it offers great schools, many places for family entertainment, and a lot of green open space. But you should know that such a place is a bit more expensive. Prices are almost 50% higher than the national average. So, if this is something you are looking for and you have a nice job to support it, Glenview is the place to relocate to. If you decide on doing it, call one of the Glenview moving companies and make it happen.

Elmwood Park is one of the Illinois locations for families with young children

Now, let’s take a look at one of the largest Chicago neighborhoods. Elmwood Park is famous for affordable housing, great job opportunities, and an amazing school system. It has everything one family needs. And despite being one of the largest neighborhoods, it still has the vibe of a small and tightly knit community. It is among Illinois locations for families with young children that are safe and family-friendly. Simply because most of the events are held in the center of Chicago while your neighborhood is safe and quiet. So, for a family with kids who are searching for great jobs, schools, safety, and a lot of family-friendly establishments, Elmwood Park is the place to go. Contact movers Elmwood Park IL if you decide on choosing this one.

Let’s check Lincolnwood out

Ok, Lincolnwood is something quite different. It is a small place with less than 10k residents. It is a small friendly community with a focus on great schooling and safety. This is arguably the best one on the list simply because it is covered in greenery, parks, and playgrounds. On top of it, you are only 30 min away from the coastal areas where you’ll find a ton of fun and sunny beaches.

mother and a child playing outdoor
If you value nature, parks, and playgrounds, Lincolnwood is a place to relocate to.

Also, this is an opportunity for even better jobs because the job market in this area is much more colorful. We are sure you’ll find a great job and enroll your kids in one of the best schools. As for the safety aspect, you will never have to worry about it because Lincolnwood is safe as it gets. Read a bit about it online and you’ll love the history, customs, and fun facts about this place. Then, call your local movers Lincolnwood IL and start heading there. Lincolnwood awaits!

Park Ridge is one of the best Illinois locations for families with young children

Before calling movers Park Ridge IL, you should know that you have stumbled upon one of the well-rounded neighborhoods in Illinois. Park Ridge is known for being a place where you have a ton of fun as a single and with your family. No matter what your needs are, Park Ridge can provide them. You’ll have a feeling you are in a big city packed in a small neighborhood. It has it all. Starting with great schools, open spaces, great restaurants, shopping malls, and much more. Primarily it is a family-friendly, diverse, and welcoming neighborhood. But if you wish it so, you will very much find all the clubbing and music events you wish for. Now, go ahead and call your movers. It is time to pack and head straight to Park Ridge.

Your kids will love Morton Grove

Yes, your kids will love Morton Grove as it is one of Illinois locations for families with young children. Residents here are mostly families with children and the entire area is designed to accommodate families with more than one kid. Although is small, it has everything you’ll ever need if you wish to live a peaceful and quiet life. A welcoming community will help you settle in, and you will feel at home in a matter of days.

kid on a swing
Morton Grove is another place full of greenery and playgrounds. A perfect setup for a family with kids.

What is probably the best here, is that Morton Grove is full of green areas and parks where you can have a picnic, BBQ, or exercise daily. Lastly, this place is not falling far behind Glenview when it comes to safety. Crime rates are insignificant and at an all-time low in Morton Grove. We encourage you to pay it a visit and we are sure you’ll call your movers Morton Grove IL before you are done with scouting. This place is exactly what your kids need.

Northbrook is our last destination for the day

We will end our journey at the Village of Northbrook. It is another safe, family-friendly, and diverse place in Illinois. This one stands out for the amazing school system and an even stronger economy. Most residents hold a college degree and jobs are plentiful and pay is good. It goes well together, right? An educated community can only bring prosperity which is something you surely want for your children. They’ll have access to both public and private schools. Later on, they can continue their careers in the area if they wish so. Northbrook offers stability, safety, and serenity. Read more about it online and we are sure you’ll place this one on the top of your list. Once you do, check with your movers Northbrook IL when you can transport your belongings and settle in.

This should be enough. There are quite a few Illinois locations for families with young children and we are sure you’ll find many more once you start looking. Hopefully, we helped enough for you to find a match. Good luck.

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