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Moving home is often stressful and emotional. Uprooting and changing your environment completely is hard but sometimes necessary. If you have decided to take a turn and find a new place where you can have a fresh start, then you must prepare for such a journey. There are many Illinois locations for a fresh start, and we will help you find the best one. Also, let us prepare you for the relocation process as well. We will help you prepare your budget and pack, and to find Glenview moving companies that can relocate you safely and affordably. Without further ado, let’s dive right in.

Starting with the Elmwood Park

Elmwood Park is surely one of the best Illinois locations for a fresh start. That is why we will begin with this one. This place offers great housing and even better job opportunities. The economy is thriving and how would it not when this is one of the biggest among the Chicago neighborhoods? The cost of living including all utilities and rent is around the national average. And you won’t have any issues finding a job or a place where you can launch your products and services. The seller’s market is huge and if you are running a business, you are in for a treat. But be aware. With such a great market and booming economy, there can be a bit of competition depending on what your business is related to.

Lincoln Park IL
Most neighborhoods in Chicago are full of parks and green spaces. You will love it!

Schools are great, the environment healthy, and the neighborhood is family-friendly. In Elmwood Park, you will find everything one family needs. With the addition of many green areas, parks, and playgrounds. And of course, like in most of Chicago, you will find many great restaurants, coffee shops, pubs, and clubs. So, if you like this one, simply call movers Elmwood Park IL and you can start exploring it in no time.

Next stop, Park Ridge!

Park Ridge is our next destination. And a good one at that. If we can call it a medium-sized neighborhood, we will. It is not too big or small, but it still has a tight-knit community and everything a big city has. The cost of living is surely within your range and the housing market is good but also limited. Simply because the job offers are mostly revolving around retailing, healthcare, and of course, IT technologies. Luckily, those areas are vast and there are thousands of different positions to choose from. But before you start calling movers Park Ridge IL, you should visit at least once. Park Ridge is never boring and for some people, even too active. Nightlife is abundant and there are hundreds of amazing dinners, clubs, restaurants, and pubs with live gigs. We recommend you on checking the following:

  • The Curragh Irish Pub
  • Snappy Dog Inc
  • Tony’s Italian Deli & Subs
  • The Pickwick Theater
  • Park Ridge Civic Orchestra
  • Wildwood Nature Center

This list has nature, history, art, and amazing food you should check out. Take a tour and in a couple of hours, you’ll fall in love with Par Ridge. It is surely a promising place and a great one for a fresh start.

Lincolnwood is for sure one of the Illinois locations for a fresh start

Now, the Village of Lincolnwood is a famous one for sure. Even though it’s small compared to 40k residents in Park Ridge, it has a lot to offer. Firstly, you will find some of the best schools in the entire state right here in Lincolnwood. With less than 10k residents, you can only imagine how safe, clean, and healthy, the environment can be. And it is. Lincolnwood is one of the safest places to live in America. And despite being a small and cozy place, its strategic location is great. The proximity to Edgewater, Uptown, and many coastal areas open many opportunities for job seekers. And if you want to have a ton of fun, you are just a few minutes away from larger neighborhoods and the beach.

bridge over a body of water
Most Illinois neighborhoods are green and luscious. This is something you will enjoy when having a fresh start.

So, we highly recommend checking this one out before calling movers Lincolnwood IL and heading there. And keep in mind that renting is a bit more expensive than in the rest of the state. After all, this is a somewhat prestigious neighborhood, and the number of properties is limited.

Off to Morton Grove

Ok, we have reached Morton Grove and the amazing nature it can offer. This is another smaller place but when you add all the parks and greenery it has, it is much larger than you think. And as the ones we have mentioned before, this place also offers an amazing food scene, shopping, family fun, and clubbing. And once you see the architecture in this beautiful place, you’ll have no choice but to become a part of it. Maybe a smaller and family-friendly environment is exactly what you need for a fresh start. Although, if you are coming from a small place yourself, then, Chicago is right there, just minutes away. So, contact your movers Morton Grove IL and make this happen. A nice diverse and family-friendly neighborhood awaits.

Northbrook IL is one of the amazing Illinois locations for a fresh start

We will finish our tour strong by visiting the Village of Northbrook. Like many others, this place is also family-friendly, diverse, safe, and with a healthy environment. The economy is stable but what makes this place significantly better than the rest on the list is the fact that the unemployment rate is below 1%. On top of it all, this place has the best income per capita in the entire US. And of course, such an environment hosts educated residents, safety environment, and a promising future. All in all, one healthy neighborhood to live in. And surely one of the more promising Illinois locations for a fresh start.

Northbrook is one of the Illinois locations for a fresh start
Northbrook is arguably the best one out there. It is a well-rounded neighborhood.

If you are running a business, read more about Northbrook. Simply because you do not want to have a higher competition if you choose the wrong field to work in. The market is open for everyone but keep an eye out. And once you have all the details, give your movers Northbrook IL a call and start packing.

It is time for moving

Ok, it is time to review all the places we have mentioned and make a decision. Give yourself some time for the information to settle in before you do anything. And once it does, review your budget and organize your relocation. Create a moving checklist with all moving-related responsibilities included. Call Golan’s Moving & Storage company and figure out which moving services are the best for you. Then, pack accordingly and start heading to one of the neighborhoods you’ve chosen. All you need to do it right is a dozen of cardboard boxes, some adhesive tape, a bit of bubble wrap, and an adequate number of labels. Consult with movers and they will guide you through the process. Or read one of the moving reviews and you’ll manage it without too much stress involved.

Now you are ready to start exploring Illinois locations for a fresh start. Even if you do not choose any from our list, know that Illinois has quite a few out there. Browse a bit and we are sure you’ll find many more. Good luck.

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