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Evanston, located on Chicago’s beautiful North Shore, is a community known for its multiculturalism and progressive politics. For visitors, this translates into ethical and ecologically conscientious local businesses. Above all, in the shopping districts of Main Street and Dempster Street. This charming city is proof that good things can come in little packages. Evanston offers a wide range of exciting activities and exciting tourist sites. Interested in learning more about Evanston? You can go through our blog page on Golan’s Moving & Storage to find more It is a perfect place for settling down with your family. Here are our top picks for the family-friendly things to do in Evanston.

happy kids play in Evanston
Evanston is a perfect place for raising new generations.

Top 3 family-friendly things to do in Evanston, IL

  1. Visiting American Toby Jug Museum

    The focus of this fascinating exhibition is Toby Jugs and the character jugs that were created from them. This is a type of earthenware jug that originated in England in the 18th century. The collection is impressive, with 8,000 objects displayed in 97 glass cabinets. Moreover, the collection’s foundation consists of 300 authentic 18th-century Toby Jugs with distinct personalities. In addition, you’ll find Royal Doulton character jugs, majolica, vintage dollhouse miniatures, and a vibrant exhibition of character jugs from Star Wars to Marvel. Personally, I find this museum to be the most interesting one when we talk about family-friendly things to do in Evanston. I’d move there solely so I could visit more often. You can look through our moving services Chicago if you too, are moving soon and need a reliable mover.

  2. Have a picnic with your family at Dawes Park

    The most beautiful park in Evanston. Located just south of Clark Street Beach. In the spring and fall, when the sun rises over Lake Michigan, Dawes Park becomes extremely lovely as you get a view of the lake. It is a perfect place for having a picnic and enjoying yourself with your family. However, check if you need a picnic permit from the city government before you go. For summer concerts, they set up a stage on the north bank of the shallow Arrington Lagoon. The stage has two fountains with water jets and a small island, and a fountain. The lagoon’s grassy banks are a haven for waterfowl, and it’s a pleasant spot to relax in the summer with a book. When the water freezes, the lagoon transforms into a skating rink in the winter.

  3. A history lesson at the Mitchell Museum of the American Indian

    This amazing museum in the northwest of Evanston presents the history of Native Americans from paleo-Indians to the current day. The Mitchell Museum of the American Indian was created in 1977. Its principal display is the captivating and artifact-rich Regional Tour of American Indian Cultures. Here you may find out the traditional methods of living, art and stories of Native American peoples in the Arctic, Woodlands east of the Mississippi River, on the Northwest Coast, in the Southwest and on the Plains. As you explore you’ll read well-researched narratives. And you will see samples of weaving, beading, Katsina dolls, masks, ceramics, bandolier bags, gutskin parkas, snow goggles, canoes and totem poles. Needless to say, there are many benefits of moving your family to Evanston. Due to the fact that there are so many interesting things to see, your children will undoubtedly love this location.

A Native American guardian totem
Visiting the Mitchell Museum of the American Indian will be fun for both you and the kids.

We hope we have been able to help you discover some fun family-friendly things to do in Evanston after your relocation. You can contact our Evanston moving company in case you have any further questions about your move.

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